Hybrid Sniper
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Mallery was stupid enough to leave his papers in the dinghy we used to reach the base of the Chimera gun tower. I wasn't surprised by what I found: an entire dossier on yours truly. Evidently Bouchard had ordered up an entire psych profile on me before she ever came to see me. I remember the shrink well, a right bleeding sod, he was, an old guy with a bad suit who smelled like he'd just swam in an ocean of cheap cologne. Kept asking me questions like How did I feel when I found my brother? What was it like to see him being dissected, alive? How did I feel about my brother's death? I guess he learned the hard way, how I felt. They had to scrape him off the prison walls. Mallery made a note of that on my file, complaining to Bouchard that he thought she was crazy for recruiting me.

-- Journal Entry, 30 August, 1951 -- James Grayson

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