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Campbell (comic)
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[Cutscene: On the Rails]

By dawn, the train becomes operational after it's been repaired. Jonathan Rose is now supported by his crutch with his injured leg, standing next to Jean Rose after he's been rescued by Capelli.

  • Jonathan Rose: She oughta have enough to get you straight through to New York.
  • Joseph Capelli: (inside the locomotive with Malikov) Do us one more favor, will you?
  • Jonathan Rose: Of course.
  • Joseph Capelli: Pray for us.

The train begin to depart and entering the tunnel, hopefully straight to New York City as the scene turns black. The scene return to reveal the train travelling through the wilderness by dusk before the scene shift to Capelli who watching outside while Malikov reading before put his book aside.

  • Fyodor Malikov: Joseph.(taking his glasses off) I have made many poor choices in my life. Cloven, Daedelus, Hale. I am responsible for some... horrific things.
  • Joseph Capelli: You and me both.
  • Fyodor Malikov: There is very little chance we will succeed in New York City. Four years ago, S.P.R.A. tried to attack the tower. We lost over a thousand men. I am afraid you may never see your family again.
  • Joseph Capelli: I know.(looking at his son's mitten) But we're doing our best. Right?
  • Fyodor Malikov: Yes, yes. And we may still have a chance. I have been thinking. (Capelli walk back towards him as he speaks) The Chimera are prefect killing machines, but they have no thought beyond what the hive mind tells them. We can defeat them, but we must be creative. Unpredictable. We must use their powers against them.
  • Male Voice: Help me!!

After they heard a man's voice, Capelli and Malikov looked outside and there's a man in distance who cry for help.

  • Man: No, please! Please!

While he's trying to reach the train, group of Wardens drives the jeep to pursuit him while Mick Cutler lend out to the right side and stab him on his back with his machete.

  • Fyodor Malikov: (shocked in horror) My God

Cutler step on man's body to pull out his machete before he take his foot off the corpse and points at Capelli and Malikov in the train, ordering his men to go after them as the vehicle drive towards the train.

  • Joseph Capelli: Stay here--

Capelli dash for the train-car while Malikov watching from outside.

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