Psych ReportEdit

Hale psych1

SOLDIER: Sgt. Nathan Hale
DOCTOR: Dr. Cassie Aklin

Hale was ten minutes late to initial interview, asked if 'the shrink had
gotten here yet' but recovered nicely when 'shrink' was revealed to be
me. Taciturn. Distrustful of authority. Responses to Rorschach and
Templeton Apperception were well within acceptable norms. Some
evidence of repression, frequent references to leaving-implicates a
preoccupation with death.

While I'm sure that Nathan's heart is in the right place, he gives me
the impression of being a bit cocky. I need to focus on the three men
who are actually eligible for this week's injection; their mental health
is my primary concern.

Record of ServiceEdit



Hale, Nathan

Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Sioux Falls, South Dakota on 04.13.45

REPORT DATE Record of promotions, reductions, transfers, casualties, etc. Date of implementation
4/15/45 Begins BCT at Camp Wolters, Texas 4/17/45
6/27/45 Transfer to Co C 1st AS 37th AR, Pine Camp NY 9/10/45
6/28/45 Initial ADT 6/29/45
8/29/45 Released to Co C 1st AD 37th AR, Pine Camp NY 9/10/45
3/14/46 Promotion to Private First Class 3/15/46
3/23/46 Transfer to Fort Knox Armor School, TENN 3/24/46
7/17/46 Transfer to Co C 1st AD 37th AR, Pine Camp NY 7/19/46
12/11/46 Form 123-985 filed by CO -- Cited for Lack of Reasonable Effort -- consistently drives tank beyond safe speeds. 12/12/46
1/12/47 Transfer to Co G 1st ID 1st Bn 18th IR Fort Riley, KS 1/13/47
9/14/48 Promotion to Sergeant 9/15/48
2/12/49 Transfer to CTD at Achnacarry, Scotland for ROP 2/14/49
5/15/49 Completes ROP 5/16/49
REPORT DATE Record of promotions, reductions, transfers, casualties, etc. Date of implementation
5/19/49 WAR 6/19/49
7/28/48 Transfer to Co A, 1st Ranger Regiment, Fort
Benning Georgia
Wounded in live-fire training event.
8/1/49 Transfer to HTC, Montana 8/3/49
2/7/50 Transfer to Co A, 1st Ranger Regiment, Fort Benning Georgia 2/9/50
10/7/50 Transfer to ALASKA - specific base location classified 10/12/50

Psych Report (2)Edit

Hale psych2

SOLDIER: Sgt. Nathan Hale DOCTOR: Dr. Cassie Aklin

I must admit that the impression Nathan gave me last week was not a
favorable one. When I first learned that he hails from my home state, I
thought to myself, "The upbringing may be South Dakota, but the attitude
is pure New York City."

Well, I may have been hasty in my assessment. This is, after all, a
stressful situation (to put it mildly). And Sgt. Hale has been able to put
aside his own questions, concerns and judgments in order to realize that
there's a bigger issue at hand. He has been a real leader here on the base,
helping the other men cope with their anxieties by organizing pickup
basketball matches, arm-wrestling tournaments and card games (although, I
suspect that Captain Gennaro may have had more to do with the gambling
endeavors than Hale). Even though our day-to-day rigors here in Alaska are
predominantly gloom and doom, Nathan has been able to see a light at the
end of this seemingly endless tunnel. I h ope it really does exist, so I
choose to believe in his vision.

In terms of analysis, I had very little chance to dig into Hale's case
history. He harbors some resentment toward his father, but his
willingness to discuss it makes me think that his paternal issues are in line
with a soldier of his age and station in life.

At the end of our session, it occurred to me that he did more listening
than I did.

Psych Report (3)Edit

Hale psych3

SOLDIER: Sgt. Nathan Hale
DOCTOR: Dr. Cassie Aklin

Nov. 21st, 1950

I was going to write something objective-sounding - that Hale and I seem to
finally be establishing a rapport. Which is true. But a professional
clinician must always maintain an interested but detached demeanor and I
failed at that in our last interview. It is undoubtedly my own isolation,
but I find myself talking to Hale as if he were not a person under my care
but a peer in our relationship. Hale had gotten to my office early and I
was down the hall, talking to the Communications Officer. I had been
sorting through some of my files, and the memo from Col. Thompson
detailing my orders was on my desk. Hale of course read it.

We talked a bit about the burden of responsibility. This is clearly an
issue for Hale. I felt awkward, of course, because he does not know
about the people who are choosing. He made some reference to Glenn, and
how my having known him before makes it that much more difficult.

I said that I was obligated to recuse myself from the process because my
objectivity was compromised. But that the military wasn't aware of my
previous relationship with Glenn. And then I said that, in fact, I had
recused myself. I told him about distributed decision making networks, and
about the people making the choice, my army of strangers. I got...rather
impassioned about my inability to make the choice myself.

Hale listened impassively. I don't know what he thinks because our
session ended when Glenn arrived for his. I have the sense he isn't sure
what he thinks. But I may be fooling myself. He may very well despise

Psych Report (4)Edit

Hale psych4

SOLDIER: Sgt. Nathan Hale
DOCTOR: Dr. Cassie Aklin

NOTES: Nov. 28th, 1950

My session with Sgt. Hale started off on the absolute wrong foot. When
I asked what was on his mind, he just sat there and droned, "Capelli...
Brown...Oster. That's what on my mind." It was as if he were reciting a
role call of the dead and dying. I hated hearing those names. I almost
reverted to childhood, when you can clamp your hands over your ears and
make the world go silent. But, we're grown up now and we have to face up
to the actions we take - no matter how grim they are.

I can't fault Hale for being honest. We're all thinking about the sacrifices
of the past subjects. I just resent the hint of blame in his voice - maybe
because I deserved it.

The rest of the hour was uneventful. His attitude softened. I think he
felt bad - but, I felt worse.

He's eligible for injection and I need to determine his mental stability. I
asked more questions about home, family - we chatted about South Dakota
some more. But, we both realized that South Dakota was a world away;
Project Abraham now stands between the simple memories of the past and
the harrowing prospects of the future. Discussing home just seems out
of place here - obscene, almost. Nathan knows that as well as I do.

Letter (envelope)Edit

Hale letterenvelope

Per our psych protocol, please
review enclosed letter for
content which could possibly be
considered distressful. Since
Nathan Hale is this week's test
subject, we don't want to cause
him any undue mental trauma.

Thank you,
Mitch Biltings, Communications


Hale letter1a
Hale letter1b

Hi Big Bro,

    Stop calling me "Susie" in your letters home.
I'm a grown woman (even though I still live with
the folks). Plus, would you like it if I called you
"Natie?" Yeah, I didn't think so.
    Things are OK in S.D. - not much change around
here. The old man is the old man. I think he
misses you, but the only way he shows it is be yelling
at anyone who mentions your name. He's a real hand-
ful. I don't know how Mom puts up with him. She
doesn't talk back like I do - he just won't listen when
I argue that the government is up to something. No
offense but you work for a dangerous group. The only
time Dad spoke up is when someone calls
me a traitor for bad mouthing the military. That
stubborn fool can't have it both ways, no matter how
hard he tries. But, he does love you. He once said
the best decision he ever made was taking you in
after Aunt Rachel died (but don't tell him I told
you so - he'd have my hide).
    I can't wait to get out of here, like you did.
Can you tell me when you've traveled to lately?
I keep a map on the wall and put a thumbstack
in every place you've visited. I know it's dumb,
but it makes me feel better

    Wherever I talk about my brother, everybody
stops and listens to what I have to say. You're
a legend in these parts. But you might have some
competition from little Becka - she's qualified for
the YRSD shoot-off at the age of 15 and shes gonna
challenge your record. You remember Becka right?
She's your Mom's niece - so she's your cousin. She's
been helping out on the farm along with her
brother, Gus. Becka could shoot the stink off a
skunk - but she wins the contest this year!
I still can't believe my score was disqualified.
    We went out and cleaned up the graveyard,
by the way, and your Ma and Pa's stones look
real nice. They had a memorial about the
influenza outbreak and we all sang "A Mighty
Fortress." The old man wouldn't go. He hasn't
stepped foot in a church since your real
Dad died. It was real nice. You'd have hated it!

    Love you, miss you! Write more often!!
      (not Susie)

Psych Report (5)Edit

Hale psych5

SOLDIER: Sgt. Nathan Hale
DOCTOR: Dr. Cassie Aklin

December 1st, 1950

I didn't even have to say the words - Sgt. Hale knew that he had been
chosen just from the tone of my voice when I ushered him into my
office. He told me not to worry, that "the voters have spoken." The
comment was half mocking and half earnest; Nathan disagrees with the
methods I've chosen, yet he doesn't want me to feel responsible for any
of this.

But, it's too late for that. I feel more than responsible - I'm in pain
over the thought of losing him a good soldier. Nathan Hale has shown
compassion for his fellow subjects and even helped me through the
rigors of Project Abraham.

The new serum has to work. If it doesn't, Malikov will answer me.

Psych (6)Edit

Hale psych6

SOLDIER: Sgt. Nathan Hale
DOCTOR: Dr. Cassie Aklin

December 5th, 1950

I checked on Hale's progress this morning. I know it's not my place,
but I was overcome with an odd mixture of guilt and optimism. He
didn't die - that's got to count for something. On the other hand, he's
still unresponsive - that's where my guilt comes in.

The strange part is, he doesn't look any weaker. I noticed that Nathan's
skin was flushed, so I figured that his circulatory system was
uncharmed. As I left the exam room, however, one of the orderlies
commented that he only looked like that way after I entered the ward.

When most people visit their loved ones who are comatose, they
comment on how sad and lifeless they appears. The opposite is true of
Sgt. Hale. There's something undeniably alive within him, just simmering
underneath his flesh.

Lab ResultsEdit

Hale labresults

P.A. SUBJECT #849324LF
NAME: Sgt. Nathan Hale

Summary: At approximately 18:47 hours, subject succumbed
to delusions and panic after having received the injec-
tion. He spoke vaguely about visions and the unwilling-
ness to relinquish control of his consciousness - even to
sleep for a few minutes. Unfortunately, sleep overcame
him and continues to do so. Sgt. Hale is in a low-level
coma, his brainwave activities still functioning at an
alarming high rate and his vital signs strong. It can
described as a permanent R.E.M. cycle.

While these stats give the medical staff reason to believe
that we have solved both the neural and cellular disrup-
tion issues from past attempts, the subject is still
unable to emerge from his dreamlike state.

This experiment is ongoing.

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