SRPA NB52703A10

December 9th, 1950

Attn: Capt. Frank Gennaro

Our records indicate that you have just been chosen for
Project Abraham's next injection. Should all go well, and if
you fulfill your commitment to the experiment without
suffering permanent mental or physical damage, then we would
be interested in enrolling you in the next phase of our
initiative. We are developing a new branch of the military
centered around a elite group of super-soldiers called
"Sentinels." All survivors of Project Abraham are at the top
of our list to begin Sentinel training immediately upon
completion of their role in the medical experimentation phase
of the project.

The new program would provide another chance to earn a great
stipend (on top of your usual military salary, of course) as
well as the renewed opportunity to serve your country. Please
consider our offer and get back to us at your earliest


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