All the conversion centers I've seen so far are just like the ones in England, only these are being abandoned, dismantled by Chimera Drones. I found an operating table just like the one I'd found my brother on. It was stained with blood, a lot of blood. How many victims 'died' on these tables as they were prepped to go into the conversion machines? The Menials would carve them up, men like my brother Jonny, treating them like filets of beef, preparing their tissue for the insertion of the Chimera Implants. Standing here in this abandoned conversion centers, I can almost hear their screaming. While in prison I would have nightmares that never brother's ghost would come to me in the darkness and plead with me,'Why Jimmy? Why did you kill me?' I did not answer.

-- Journal Entry, 30 August, 1951 -- James Grayson

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