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Mounted Machine Gun

Pvt. James Grayson maining a machine gun in Rotterdam.

The Mounted Machine-gun appears in many forms and is seen in every Resistance game to date.

The most common way it is seen is that's part of a VTOL with one placed on both side doors and LU-P LYNX mount on the rear which uses by Lt. Steven Cartwright while Sgt. Nathan Hale driving in the levels of Cheddar Gorge and London in Resistance: Fall of Man. They also appear on the M35 transport trucks in Resistance 2. In Resistance: Retribution, Pvt. James Grayson uses one to get past enemies coming through the building in Rotterdam, Netherlands.


  • Strangely, even though all VTOLs are armed with the machine gun, in the opening cutscene of Resistance: Fall of Man a VTOL with a mounted minigun can be seen.
  • In the VTOL carrying you to SRPA base Igloo in the first mission of Resistance 2, Major Richard Blake calls it (the machine gun variant) a cannon when he orders Victor Two to man it.

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