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Mother Spinner
Mother Spinner
DistinctionsLarge abdomen
Combat information
WeaponClaws, acidic bile
Game information
Games featuredResistance 2

The Mother Spinner is a Chimeran strain that appears only in Resistance 2. It is an enormous Leaper-like creature with more insect-like features, and has the ability to summon swarm of Leapers to attack the player.

The first and only appearance of this creature was in Twin Falls, Idaho. Joseph Capelli was grabbed and presumably dropped off the gun tower by a Mother Spinner, but Nathan Hale was ordered to continue with his mission rather than save him. Capelli was later saved by another squad. Once Hale reached the top of the defense tower, the Mother Spinner awaited him from hanging overhead and engaged him. Hale managed to defeat it and knock it from the top of the tower, and it fell to its death.


The Mother Spinner attacks by crawling around the tower and spewing acid at Hale, and also summoning Leapers by roaring.

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  • Despite its namesake, the Mother Spinner is only known to call in Leapers.
  • It is unknown if there are other Mother Spinners besides the one in Twin Falls. At least one other giant Leaper-like creature, Satan, has been seen during the course of Resistance 3.
  • Its roar can be heard before entering the elevator.

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