Operation: Viper Pit


Our analysts report that the Chimeran threat in Bracknell is eighty percent contained.
While the enemy still has command units in the area, they have been unable to
establish increased infrastructure or sufficient troop numbers to launch an offensive
beyond Bracknell.

In addition to achieving a significant tactical victory, Specter Team has secured several
pieces of gray tech from within the area. Based on preliminary research at SRPA 7, the
gray tech modules recovered from inside England contain distinctly different internal
circuitry than those found in the U.S. These newly retrieved components are rapidly
accelerating the research process. Project Prometheus scientists believe they are on
the verge of a breakthrough.

Colonel Parker reports that British forces are returning from the successful
destruction of two hub towers on the continent. However, the Chimera are still
continuing to activate additional towers. While the Chimeran command structure has
been dealt a severe blow in England, the larger Chimeran plan appears to be
proceeding to an as yet unknown end.

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