Operation: Shadow Strike


SRPA Recon Team X-Ray was able to infiltrate the Chicago Tower at 0720 this morning.
They accessed one of the tower's control stations using the Malikov Cipher. From this
station they learned that the tower is linked to seven other towers, six of which were
previously unknown.

X-Ray believes the Chicago tower is a form of hub that surrounding towers feed into.
We must now assume that the Chimera are intending to unearth additional towers
within our borders, and they intend to connect the towers together.

Our analysis are divided regarding what purpose this could serve. Some believe it may
be a form of terraforming mechanism intended to lower the planetary temperature.
Other believe the towers form an interstellar beacon used to signal the Chimeran
parent species. A third theory posits that the towers are part of an ancient and dormant
weapon system installed inside the planet in a prehistoric age. Whatever the purpose,
we now know the towers are inter-connected and the Chimera are attempting
to activate the tower network.

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