Operation: Viper Pit


Specter Team has dealt the Chimera a serious blow within Bracknell. Their command
units have sustained severe losses and their reinforcements seem to be growing
thinner. They are beginning to pull forces from Northern France into Bracknell in an
attempt to hold the area. Colonel Parker's forces are meanwhile locked in a fierce
battle for control of a hub tower in Warsaw. The Chimera recently activated the tower,
and Allied European forces are attempting to infiltrate it and destroy it.

Colonel Parker reports that the Chimera have begun activating towers across Europe.
Each activated tower is releasing an energy burst into the sky that arcs between
neighboring towers. Thus far the release of energy does not seem to pose a threat, but
the rate at which the Chimera are activating these towers is cause for concern.
Whatever their purpose is, the U.S. must be prepared to counter a similar pattern
of attack at home.

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