Michael Alexandrovich

Michael Alexandrovich

Tsar Michael Alexandrovich (Mikhail Aleksandrovich Romanov; Russian: Михаи́л Александрович Рома́нов) (4 December 1878 - Unknown) was the Emperor of Russia from 1917 until the events of the Chimeran War. He was the youngest brother of Nicholas II.

When Nicholas II abdicated in 1917, Michael was named as his successor and became the new Tsar of Russia. During the Russian Revolution, Russian monarchist forces led by Tsar Michael brutally crushed the Bolshevik uprising resulting in a victory for the Russian monarchy regime. After the aborted revolution there was a period of unrest and there were still many protests against the monarchy. As a result, Michael violently suppressed the populace and keeping Russia isolated from the world.

When the Chimeran War broke out in Russia, the Russian army quickly became disorganized and the Chimera quickly took over all of Russia. By 1940 almost all of Russia was conquered or infected with the Chimeran Virus and the Russian army was destroyed by the Chimera and by the early 1950s the Russian government fell to the Chimera. It is assumed that Michael died during the Chimeran War, somewhere between the 1940s and the early 1950s.

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