Melee is a physical attack used by Humans and the Chimera.

Resistance: Fall of Man Edit

In this title, the player melees enemies by striking them with the butt of the current weapon. It is effective against Hybrids, Menials and Grey Jacks, but is not recommended unless the player is very close.

The Chimera seem to have a stronger melee attack, as when they melee, they take quite a chunk out of the player's health or sometimes even kill the player.

Resistance 2 Edit

Like the previous game, the player melees enemies by striking them with the butt of the current weapon. The player may now also, slash at enemies with the knife, unlike the previous title.

The Chimera's melee attack is now just as strong as the player's melee attack, although there are exceptions such as Steelheads and Ravagers.

The Chimera's melee attack is far stronger than the player's melee attack in Cooperative Mode. A Steelhead is able to kill a player instantly by a single kick to their face.

Resistance 3 Edit

Similarly to the previous title, the player melees with the butt of the current weapon, but will only use the knife on enemies with low health to finish them off.

The melee attack of the Chimera and the Wardens are slightly weaker than the player's melee attack. Still there are exceptions like Ravagers and Steelheads. The melee attack of Brawlers and Widowmakers can knock the player to the ground and force them to stay down for a brief amount of time.

Hybrids and Wardens can also engage in "Grapples" with the player. This puts the player into a situation where they must melee the enemy before the enemy melees them. Failure to do so will result in the enemy killing the player. If the player does win the grapple, then the player either kills the enemy if it is a Warden, or briefly stuns the enemy if it is a Hybrid.

Resistance: Retribution Edit

In Resistance: Retribution there are no melee weapons, but you can melee with the butt of the current weapon in the campaign mode when standing close enough to an enemy.

Resistance: Burning Skies Edit

In Resistance: Burning Skies you have a Fire Axe as a melee weapon and in the multiplayer mode you have a knife to melee other enemy players.

Melee Weapons Edit

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