April 28th, 1952

DENVER - President McCullen has announced a new executive initiative that some
reporters have dubbed "Operation Aloha." McCullen has ordered that 150,000 selected
citizens be transported to the Hawaiian islands where they will continue to live

The citizens who will form the colony will be selected by a committee appointed by
McCullen. All Americans are welcome to apply. Selection be based on several
factors, including engineering, scientific, medical, and agricultural knowledge, as well
as genetic diversity. Naval ships will begin transporting selected citizens on July 1st.

McCullen stated that the goal of this colony is to preserve the American culture, history
and way of life should an unthinkable fate befall the continental U.S. A perimeter of
battleships will remain around the islands to protect against Chimeran air-strikes.
Critics were quick to point out, however, that the more likely purpose of those
battleships is to turn away refugee vessels from other parts of the world and, likely,
even from America itself.

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