Maquis Fortress far distance

The Maquis Fortress as it appears from a far distance.

The Maquis Fortress was a Maquis stronghold located in Luxembourg City, in a castle. It was destroyed by the Chimera during the siege of the Maquis Fortress.

History Edit

During the Chimeran occupation of Europe, the Maquis constructed a massive fortress to give shelter to many refugees and soldiers. The fortress also had science labs which were used to study the Chimera and to find a cure for the Chimeran virus.

Fall Edit

Ss preview resist16.jpg

A Brute killing two Maquis soldiers during the siege of the Maquis Fortress.

After the Rotterdam guns, the Bonn facility and the Earth Movers were destroyed, the Chimeran forces were alerted to the Maquis presence in Luxembourg and launched a massive assault on the Maquis Fortress. The Chimera used Burrowers to destroy the tunnels and the walls surrounding the Maquis Fortress and they were able to capture large parts of the fortress, including the Casemates Tunnels and the lower tunnels, which were first destroyed by Burrowers and eventually infested with Leapers. Many soldiers including James Grayson and Stephen Cartwright were ordered to defend the evacuation zone to help the refugees reach the evacuation zone and to escape with the VTOLs. The siege of the Maquis Fortress resulted in a Chimeran victory and the fortress was destroyed. Almost all refugees, soldiers and scientists were evacuated with VTOLs. The Siege of the Maquis Fortress was the most brutal battle of Operation Overstrike and the Maquis suffered heavy casualties.

Facilities Edit

The Casemates Tunnels Edit

For almost two years the Maquis had been living inside the Casemates Tunnels beneath Luxembourg. The tunnels were also used to store ammunition and weapons. The VTOL hangar and the main generator are also located in the Casemates Tunnels. The Casemates Tunnels were almost completely destroyed by Burrowers.

Lower Tunnels Edit

The lower tunnels were mainly used for storage and radio communication but it also had a dormitories for the many soldiers who lived there.

Science Labs Edit

The science labs were used to study about the Chimera and to find a cure for the Cimeran virus. Many scientists were evacuated during the siege of the Maquis Fortress, except Claude Bouchard, who died during the siege.

Defensive Bunkers Edit

The defensive bunkers, trenches and walls were used to protect the evacuation zone. These bunkers were equipped with Sentry Guns and Longbow Railguns. The walls were equipped with artillery guns.

Trivia Edit

  • Some Cloven soldiers appear during the Siege of the Maquis Fortress. The can be seen on a VTOL landing platform and on the defensive bunkers. It is not clear why they were there and how they got there.

Gallery Edit

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