Manchester is the third campaign level of Resistance: Fall of Man.


After Sgt. Nathan Hale and Capt. Rachel Parker escape the conversion center in Grimsby, they flew directly to Manchester where British forces are trying to retrieve the 'secret weapon' that was lost the day before. Parker, suspicious of Hale's infection to the Chimeran virus, intended on taking him to Northern Command for debriefing; however, Nathan decided to join the British forces in Manchester. Hale enters a series of major firefights and skirmishes, while pushing deeper into Manchester in search of the convoy. His squad is ambushed in Manchester Cathedral, where they encounter a massive Leaper breeding ground. Hale survives and continues onwards.

Eventually Hale meets Captain Mitchells and his squad at a roundabout in the middle of Manchester where they are trying to take the convoy containing the 'weapon' but can't do it without air-support. Mitchells requests air-support but Captain Parker rejects it stating that there is a Stalker in the area, which pose a threat to air-support. Captain Mitchells, his squad, and Hale then proceeded to eradicating the Hybrids guarding the area and other enemy reinforcements from Chimeran Dropships. After defeating the reinforcements, the Stalker finally appeared. After discovering it's weakness to be it's power core, it is soon destroyed. As air-support arrive on the scene, Hale approaches the convoy only to then suddenly receive a jolt of pain in his head. The 'weapon' is reveal to be actually a captured Angel trying to telepathically control him.

Captain Parker and her recovery team picks up Hale, Mitchells, and his squad and takes them to Nottingham to try and close the Chimeran Tunnel Nexus. Parker saw Hale making contact with the Angel and personally knew that he must never make contact with it given to his Chimeran infection.


Path of Least Resistance

After the level opens charge across the street to the ruined buildings whith your team mates. Move to the far left and seek cover next to a standing wall. Use your sniper to take out the enemies as they funnel up the hill to the center. After they are dealt with cross the street and enter the ruins of the building on the left of the opening the Hybrids were coming from. Move down the slope and this will put you on the side of some more hybrids. Dispatch them and continue on. Continue down the slope and ahead of you there will be some metal sheets that you can use as cover. Stay here and zoom snipe another wave of Hybrids. To your left and across the way is a big section of wall still standing. In two of the windows are some Hybrids. Kill them and move down through the next sloped opening. As soon as you start to descend a Hybrid will leap out from the left.  After he is gone move through the right. Barely step through the doorway and then backpeddle. This will cause a Hybrid to show himself. He is on the second floor of a gutted building in front of you. Another Hybrid will show up in a doorway in the same building and a group of Leapers will swarm out. Move back to the slope and deal with them before moving to the doorway to snipe the two Hybrids. Head through the rubble towards the building where the Hybrids just were. As you step into the open there will be two hybrid with their backs to you and another one across the street in an window opening. After they are dead move out onto the road. Once you do this another Leaper swarm will charge out. Backpeddle to the safety of the ruined building you came out of and deal with them. Next move out onto the roadway and snipe any remaining Hybrids. Move down another slope in between the buildings much like the others you have come through and take a left into the building. Move through this building and exit through the blasted section on the right. This gives you a safe distance and an excellent vantage point to deal with the large wave of Hybrids that are coming towards you and your buddies. Now is a great time to use your grenades or grenade launcher to quickly thin their ranks.  Mop up the stragglers and head down the street while sticking to the left side. Switch to your Bullseye and make your way to the bus. Move around the right side of the bus and blast the Hybrid that is waiting around the corner. Two more Hybrids will begin firing on you. Snipe them and move further down the street. After a few steps two more Hybrid will engage you. Close range em with the Bullseye and switch to your shotgun.  The road turns to the right and slopes downward. As you move down this road a large swarm of Leapers will begin coming down the building in front of you. Shotgun them down and continue along the road. The road cuts to the left and begins ramping uphill. Head up the road and weave your way through the ruined cars.  When you reach the metal barricades there will be an opening to your right. Stand in this opening and a group of Hybrids will show themselves. Drop a grenade in their midst and snipe any survivors. Continue on the road until you come to a ruined car with a dead soldier draped across the hood. Stand here and snipe a group of Hybrids that are behind a sandbag barricade further up the road. Now move out from behind the car and proceed to the large mound of earth. Use this as cover as you engage another group of entrenched Hybrids.  Move forward until you come to a bridge with tons of barricades and vehicles on it. Before you begin crossing the bridge move to your left to find some stairs leading down under the bridge. Under here you will find a grenade for your launcher, this will come in handy very soon. Head back up and begin crossing the bridge.  Move as fast as you can towards the other end of the bridge. Get ready to use the grenade launcher. As soon as you near the other side a group of Hybrids will begin moving towards a barricade with a turret that is located in the middle of the road. Drop them with a shot from your grenade launcher before they can reach the turret. If they do it makes them much more of a pain to deal with. After they are dead quickly look to your left and take out another Hybrid located in the grassy opening. Once you have dispatched them head towards the gate to the large cathedral ahead of you. As you near the gate a Howler will jump over the wall and attack you.

Switch to your shotgun and begin sidestepping. While you are moving to the side move in a circular arc.  Doing this will prevent the howler from hitting you. In the meantime, blast it with your shotgun until it hits the deck. Move towards the cathedral and the level will end.

The Cathedral

Once the level starts Leapers will begin streaming down from the ceiling. There will be a lot of them. Have your shotgun at the ready and immediately fall back. There is a small room directly behind you. Moving in here will cause the Leapers to have to funnel in after you. Blast away at them using the shotgun and you should decimate them with little problem. Once they are all dead quickly run towards the boarded opening on the other side of the large starting room. Move to the left side of the opening. Very soon two Steelheads will blast the boards away. As soon as the barrier is down before the smoke clears and they charge in after you begin lobbing grenades into the smoke filled opening. Tag and blast them if they manage to survive. Now pick up their Auger rifle and move into the other side of the cathedral. As you are exiting the archeway a Hybrid will spring out blast him down with the Auger and begin moving back the way you came. The reason for this sudden reversal is the Howler that is now bearing down on you. Use the same side stepping motion and blast away at him with the Auger. He should go down pretty quickly. Head through the archway again and look across the room to your right. A group of four Hybrids will be charging you. Take them out with a grenade or your launcher and move towards the direction they came from. There will be a large section of the cathedral wall blasted away. Move to the rightside and slowly ease to the left. Do this until you can see a hybrid on the balcony of the building across the way. Snipe him and continue easing left sniping more Hybrids as your angle presents them. After they are dead move across the way into the building. As you enter the building move through the first doorway on your left. As you enter this room you should have picked up some incredibly usefull backlash grenades. Save them for later and move back out into the main room. Exit through the doorway infront of you. As you leave the building you will meet up with two soldiers. Head the way they just came from. Move down the stairs and come to the corner.  Around this corner are several Hybrids. Move out behind the corner and tag and blast em. Alternate between firing and moving back behind the corner until they are dead. After a few seconds fall back and switch to your shotgun.  There are a group of leapers on their way. After they are dead return to the corner and finish off any remaining chimera. As you move down the road two Hybrids will spring out. Seek shelter behind a sandbag barricade and deal with them.  Switch to your auger rifle and move to the next corner. Get ready, because once you step out you will be rushed by several Hybrids and a Steelhead. Move to the center of the street and deploy a backlash grenade. Stand in the center of the nades bubble and take out the steel head first. Get as many Hybrids as you can before the bubble dissipates. After your temporary shelter is gone move to the right side of the street. This will keep the Hybrid in the shops on your right from getting an angle on you. Move slowly up the street. Once you find where the hybrids on the right. Shot out the windows they are hiding behind and lob a Hedgehog into the room they are in. As you near the end of the road another hybrid will come out onto a balcony ahead of you. Take him out and find cover as the road turns left. You should now be looking ahead a see a set of stairs leading up.  At the top of the stairs is a hybrid snipe him and head up. At the top will be an arched opening to your right. Look through the opening and locate some explosive balls. Blast them to kill a Hybrid located above them and move through the opening. Switch to your shotgun and take a left. Ahead of you will be a large clearing and a tree in the middle. As you approach the tree you will be attacked by two howlers.  Don't panick, simply use the same method you have been and you will be fine.  If you run out of shotgun shells switch to the auger to finish the job.  Make your way through the opening in the wall. As soon as you move through the opening quickly drop down to the next level to avoid some hedgehog mines. Stick to the barbed fence on your right side. As you move along the fence a group of mines will deploy. Once they stop moving jump to avoid their blast. Continue along the fence until you come to a wooden bridge. Cross it and make your way up the hill to your right. Up ahead you should see some sandbags. Move to them as fast as you can once you reach them duck to avoid some more mines. Continue up, at the top there will be a hybrid blast him with the bullseye and move to the wall on your left.  Around this wall are three more Hybrids. Give them a hedgehog grenade and continue towards the group of trees past the playground. As you near the trees you will see two mine deployers on the ground. Line yourself up behind the tree on your left so the tree is between the mines and you. As you get closer to the tree the mines will go off and you will be saft. Head past the mines and drop down through the opening. Move through the gateway.  After you enter there are six mine deployers which deploy seismic mines. They will launch in two groups of three. For both groups simply crouch to avoid them. After thats dealt with continue on. There will be a car up ahead and past the car is an alley leading downward. Move to the car and this will cause several hybrids to attack. Hedgehog them clean up stragglers and move down the alley. Stop at the corner. Step out and quickly step back to trigger and avoid some hedgehog mines. Now move to the next area and drop a backlash grenade. This shields you from several Chimera while you play cleanup with your m5. On your left is a building. There is a doorway and a window.  Move to the window and snipe a hybrid on the floor above you. Now head into the room with your bullseye ready. After you head in a hybrid will spring out from under the stairs. Kill him and head up the stairs. In the next room there is a large section of floor missing. Move to this opening and kill the Hybrid below and drop down. Head out of the doorway and into an alley. Stick to the right wall and pop out from around the corner and move back to avoid several hedgehog mines. Switch to your shotgun and deal with a Leaper swarm that is coming. After they are dead zoom snipe the hybrid at the end of the alley.  Now head through the alley on your left and proceed until several seismic mines deploy.  Duck under them and continue on.  Two Hybrids will attack from the archway ahead. Bullseye them and continue through the arch they came from. Look down the alley on your left and take out a hybrid at the end of it. Ease down the set of stairs in front of you until you can see some explosive balls. Ignite them to kill a hybrid manning a turret that you can't see from this angel. Then back track to the alley you passed after the archway. Move along this path and take the first right you come across. Smirk to yourself as you make your way past the empty turret and dead hybrid and head up a set of stairs. Once you reach the top the level will end.


Once the level starts move to the wall on your right. Creep out and snipe as many of the Hybrids on your left as you can. Take carefull aim because if you aren't frugal with your ammo you will run out. There are alot of Hybrids in the traffic circle. Anyway once the ones on the left are dead move to your right and slowly move foreward. Keep moving up until until the onces past the center are in range. Snipe them and move back to towards the beginning. Look towards your left and zoom snipe the last pocket up Hybrid resistance. After they are all dead quickly refill your health and lost ammo. Now beat feet back towards the beginning of the level. Facing the beginning there will be a large mound of earth pushed up against a wall. Climp this makeshift hill and wait for a Chimeran Dropship to drop a container full of Chimera. From your angel you should be looking at one of the openings. After the hatch opens fire your grenade launcher and throw a grenade into the opening. Fall back to cover and take care of any survivors.  Now turn and run towards the opposite side from the beginning point. On the right is a large truck.  Move behind the truck and familiarize yourself with this area. Past the cab of the truck are several ruined buildings with doorways. This will be the area which you will deal with upcoming boss fight.

This fight isn't as scary as it looks. The Stalker will move in from the opening opposite of where you came in from. It will move into the traffic circle and begin firing on your comrades. Stay behind the truck and let it move past you. Step out once its back is to you. Located in its back is a small silver ball similar to the explosive balls you've been exploiting thus far. Anyway, open up on the ball with your m5. This will cause the Stalker to spark and stun it. After your clip runs out retreat behind the truck and begin moving sideways and to the right. Move through the buildings as needed. The reason for this, is because after the Stalker regains itself it will fire a barrage of missles at you. Repeat this hit and dodge tactice two more times and the Stalker will go down.  After its defeated the level will end.

Intel Documents

  • Of Howlers: Along the waterfront at the bridge, located in a walkway next to a dead soldier.
  • Crawlers: Located on a shelf in the next building after leaving Manchester Cathedral.
  • Stalker Hunt: Located in a playground next to a dead soldier.

Skill Points

There are two different skill points that you can get in this level.

  • Lightfoot (4 points): Take no damage from the mines.
  • This Is My Rifle, This Is My Gun (2 points): Kill the Stalker in Manchester Traffic Circle using only the M5A2.


See Manchester, England (level)/Transcript


  • This particular level sparked considerable controversy from the the leaders of the Church of England for depicting combat scenes in Manchester Cathedral.
  • There is a poster underneath a sandbag wall in the first chapter of the level that advertises "the sensational Beadles." This is a reference to The Beatles.
  • Outgunned is set at an old roundabout south of the road of the stadium for English football team Manchester City. The roundabout became part of Bradford Park in a redevelopment of the area in 2002.