Manchester is the third campaign level of Resistance: Fall of Man.


After Sgt. Nathan Hale and Capt. Rachel Parker escape the conversion center in Grimsby, they flew directly to Manchester where British forces are trying to retrieve the 'secret weapon' that was lost the day before. Parker, suspicious of Hale's infection to the Chimeran virus, intended on taking him to Northern Command for debriefing; however, Nathan decided to join the British forces in Manchester. Hale enters a series of major firefights and skirmishes, while pushing deeper into Manchester in search of the convoy. His squad is ambushed in Manchester Cathedral, where they encounter a massive Leaper breeding ground. Hale survives and continues onwards.

Eventually Hale meets Captain Mitchells and his squad at a roundabout in the middle of Manchester where they are trying to take the convoy containing the 'weapon' but can't do it without air-support. Mitchells requests air-support but Captain Parker rejects it stating that there is a Stalker in the area, which pose a threat to air-support. Captain Mitchells, his squad, and Hale then proceeded to eradicating the Hybrids guarding the area and other enemy reinforcements from Chimeran Dropships. After defeating the reinforcements, the Stalker finally appeared. After discovering it's weakness to be it's power core, it is soon destroyed. As air-support arrive on the scene, Hale approaches the convoy only to then suddenly receive a jolt of pain in his head. The 'weapon' is reveal to be actually a captured Angel trying to telepathically control him.

Captain Parker and her recovery team picks up Hale, Mitchells, and his squad and takes them to Nottingham to try and close the Chimeran Tunnel Nexus. Parker saw Hale making contact with the Angel and personally knew that he must never make contact with it given to his Chimeran infection.


Campbell (comic)
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Path of Least Resistance

You'll be joining the British Armed Forces and assist them to kill huge group of hybrids, don't worry if any british soldier were killed and there more troops coming to assist you. Head down the hill and kill more group of hybrids. Continue head down the another hill and kill swarms of Leapers and more group of hybrids. Continue head down the last hill, kill the more hybrids as you turn right into the street, kill few more hybrids, the turn right and exterminate second swarms of leapers. Turn left, kill several hybrids before you get across the bridge, After you across the bridge, kill the last 4 hybrids and move to the Cathedral until Howler shows up and charge at you, Use you Rossmore 236 seondary fire to kill Howler before it slash you. After you killed it, heads inside the cathedral.

The Cathedral


Intel Documents

  • Of Howlers: Along the waterfront at the bridge, and located in a walkway next to a dead soldier.
  • Crawlers: Located on a shelf in the next building after leaving Manchester Cathedral.
  • Stalker Hunt: Locate in a playground next to a dead soldier.

Skill Points

There are two different skill points that you can get in this level.

  • Lightfoot (4 points): Take no damage from the mines.
  • This Is My Rifle, This Is My Gun (2 points): Kill the Stalker in Manchester Traffic Circle using only the M5A2.


See Manchester, England (level)/Transcript


  • This level gained considerable controversy from the the leaders of the Church of England for depicting combat scenes in Manchester Cathedral.
  • There is a poster underneath a sandbag wall in the first chapter of the level that advertises "the sensational Beadles." This is a reference to The Beatles.
  • Outgunned is set at an old roundabout south of the road of the stadium for English football team Manchester City. The roundabout became part of Bradford Park in a redevelopment of the area in 2002.

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