When I confronted Mallery as he tried to flee the conversion facility, he showed all signs of shellshock... was out of breath sweaty, weak knees(I didn't shove him that hard, but he collapsed like a prize fighter on the take). This puddle of puke shed some light on his story, but the half- digested cyanide rock told the whole truth. The UED had encouraged all high-ranking officials to carry 'suicide kits' should they ever be captured. It's a grim protocol, but considering that Chimera only half- kill their victims, it's the least nasty of two outcomes. It makes sense a Maquis leader would travel with a cyanide kit firmly in check, and I'm surprised Mallery had the bollocks to chomp down... probably as Boilers surrounded Raine. I figured him a complete coward, but that'd be a compliment. Mallery's a half-assed coward

-- Journal Entry, 01 September, 1951 -- James Grayson

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