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Resistance 2 M35 transport truck

M35 transport trucks as they appear in Resistance 2.

The M35 transport truck appears in Resistance 2 and Resistance: Burning Skies. The truck appears to be lightly armored and suitable for supply and infantry transport.  


Resistance 2Edit

Destroyed M35 transport truck

A destroyed M35 transport truck as seen in Resistance 2.

They appear once in a cutscene, where SRPA troops move through the Californian Redwoods to Orick. The convoy was ambushed and the trucks were damaged beyond repair. The trucks are often equipped with a gun turret on the back of the cab. These trucks can also be found throughout the game destroyed or abandoned. There are several other variants besides the gun truck in-game. There is a mobile Surface to Air Missile (SAM) launcher variant that fires at a battle ship in gray territory Orick. There are even civilian models that were used as barricades in Twin Falls, Idaho

Resistance: Burning SkiesEdit

The M35 transport truck appears in Staten Island (level), shortly after Tom Riley assisted the Minutemen, led by Ellie Martinez to defend the evacuation zone while the citizens of New York City, including Natalie Riley and Rachel Riley were trying to escape from the Staten Island to the Howard Tunnel. Ellie, Tom and a Minutemen member had found a crate inside the truck's cargo which contained Grey Tech components. They took some of the Grey Tech to upgrade their weapons. Some of these trucks can also be found destroyed or abandonded throughout the game.

Gallery Edit

Resistance 2 Edit

Resistance: Burning Skies Edit


  • Aside from the F-86 Sabre, the M35 is the only other real world and era correct vehicle seen in the Resistance series.

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