Sabertooth 01

The M-12 Sabertooth Tank is an American built light battle tank. Its armament consists of a large 80 mm cannon, a heavy machine gun, and another lighter machine gun. Although an American tank, a small number of these were sold to Britain.

Resistance: Fall of Man


M-12 Sabertooth in London.

The player only gets two chances to drive a Sabertooth: in York - "A Lone Survivor", the player has the opportunity to drive the tank in order to reach the bus depot. Running over ten enemies with the tank grants the player the "Chimera Pate" Skill Point; and in London: Outskirts, "Ice and Iron", where the player has to reach the tank after fighting multiple enemies including a Stalker and a Titan. The M-12 Sabertooth is then used to clear a landing zone.


The Sabertooth can hold its own against most Chimeran strains though larger Chimera like Titans and Widowmakers prove more difficult to take down.


The M-12 Sabertooth is the US light battle tank. The main turret supports an 80 mm rifled tank cannon and a 20 mm Gatling gun. A .50 caliber anti-personnel machine gun is mounted on a coaxial turret. A notable element of the tank is its ability to be carried for short distances by VTOL transport. Sabertooth brigades are commonly flown in for the final leg of an attack, known as "the pounce".

Resistance 2

In the first level, SRPA Station Igloo, a division of Sabertooths can be seen battling (ineffectively) against Stalkers and the two Goliaths that are attacking Station Igloo, in which midway through the level one of the Sabertooths was destroyed after being stepped on by a Goliath. In Twin Falls, there are a couple of wrecked Sabertooths behind a road barricade near the diner that was destroyed during the Spire attack on the town.

Resistance 3

There are several Sabertooths in New York City, covered in snow and are either destroyed or long abandoned from having participated in SRPA's botched mission in an attempt to destroy the city's Chimeran tower. The destroyed Sabertooths in Resistance 3 doesn't have a light machine gun next to the hatch.



  • The Sabertooth is based on the American M60A1 and British Chieftain tanks, with the air cleaners of an early-production German Tiger I.
  • During the level "Spires" the US assault force is described as a total loss, despite containing several Sabertooth tanks. This would imply the vehicle is not properly sealed even when all the hatches are closed against Crawlers.
  • The description of the Sabertooth reflects the Second Edition Warhammer 40,000 misuse of the term "coaxial". A coaxial weapon is one that fires along a parallel axis to the main gun, not one mounted on a hatch. In other words, the gatling is the coaxial weapon of the Sabertooth, not the 50 cal.
  • In Burning Skies, Sabertooths are replaced by M41 Walker Bulldog tanks.