Campbell (comic)
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Cutscene: Parker's Gamble

An image of the Chimeran tower in London is shown with Nathan Hale who saw it from distance.

  • Rachel Parker (narrating): We had been at Cardiff for several hours when I received a radio message from Hale. He told me he was in London. And he asked if snow was normal for July. [An another image of ruined downtown of London and the Chimeran tower at the background]. He described a tower in the middle of London. One far bigger than that which they had found in Somerset, and with power conduits emerging in all directions. [Another image of power conduits above the flats]. He said if we destroy the tower... we destroy the Chimera. For all I knew, Hale was completely mad. And even if what he was saying was true, we had no idea how to destroy the tower. [A map showing the American fleet landing at Cardiff is shown.] But there was one new factor working in our favour. I had been able to contact the Americans, and they had joined forces with us in Cardiff. [An image of the United States Armed Forces lands on the western coast of Wales]. I decided to gamble that Hale was right. I convinced the Americans to help launch a full assault on the tower. We were bringing everything we had to London. [An image shows the Hybrids and a Stalker patrolling the ruins of London.] I was counting on Hale to clear out a landing zone. If he couldn't take out the Stalkers, the mission would be over before it began.

[Fade to black.]

"A Desperate Gamble"
City Outskirts
London, England
14 July, 1951 - 05:05 GMT


Hale emerges in the ruins of Covent Garden Market.


He kills off the Chimeras, then leaves the empty store he is in and heads out into a open square, only to be attacked by Rollers. After Hale manage to wipe out the mass swarms of Rollers, he reach inside the hotel and climb up the stairway.

  • Rachel Parker [Radio]: Hale, I'm sending some heavy equipment to your position. You'll need to get to a clearing. A big clearing.

Hale enter the hotel room with a one side of the wall missing.

[Fade to black]

Cutscenes: Special Delivery

Hale jumps from the ruins of the hotel to the ground, then turns to his radio

  • Nathan Hale: I'm outside...where are you?

A pair of VTOLs are flying in towards Hale's location, one transporting a Sabertooth tank.

  • VTOL Pilot [Radio]: Right, we see you now. Be advised Sergeant, we're coming in heavy and a little low.

As Hale watches the VTOLs approach, he hears movement behind him. A Stalker appears from behind a corner and opens fire on the VTOLs, shooting down one.

  • VTOL Pilot [Radio]: Bloody hell! [The VTOL transporting the tank pulls back] I can't land with that Stalker there!

[Fade to black.]

"Ice and Iron"
London Outskirks, 07:42 GMT


A U/AV-17 Hawk transporting the tank retreats from the landing zone to get out of Stalker's firing range.


After Hale destroy the Stalker and kill the Titan. U/AV-17 Hawk returned and drop the tank into the landing zone. Hale drives the tank and fight his way through the ruined downtown of London. He gets off the tank, enter the abandoned office building and kill more Chimeras.

[Fade to black]

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