"There is great excitement for the adventure that awaits us, the Local Defense Volunteers!"
―Anne Greenwood[src]
The Local Defence Volunteers, also known as the LDV, was a British paramilitary organisation dedicated to homeland defence in the months prior to and preceding the Chimeran invasion.



Five LDV operatives in February, 1950.

The Local Defence Volunteers were founded in early 1950, made up of people who were either not eligible for evacuation to Avalon One, or who had chosen to stay and fight. There was initially great excitement among the new members about the adventure that awaited them, although one member, Anne Greenwood, felt more pessimistic due to her late father's reports from the frontline in Paris.

In the months prior to the Chimeran invasion in October, 1950, LDV personnel were lectured about the Chimera and, more specificially, how to deal with the inevitable invasion, covering topics such as air raids. Many LDV personnel were involved in trying to halt the Chimera's advance northwards once they had succeeded in burying under the English Channel, but they were not adequately prepared for the invasion, and many were injured or killed. In the following months, the LDV's operations mainly consisted of gathering intelligence; in December, 1950, the 9th Intelligence Corps were killed while attempting to recover significant intelligence from an unknown city, forcing Northern Command to order that Anne Greenwood's 7th Intelligence Corps pick up the trail.


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