The Maquis have been studying the dozens of refugees from Cloven for half a decade and they still know almost nothing. According to Maquis military reports, they interrogated dozens of refugees from Eastern Europe, most from Poland - it seems there were not many survivors from Russia. One of the Polish survivors detailed the story of a Russian refugee named Olga Semynova. She claims to have been captured in Moscow during the early months of 'The Angry Night' when the city was being overrun by the Cloven. More disturbing than her stories of bizarre rituals and cannibalism was her testimony about why women were being captured - something to do with the Leben Geist, the Living Ghosts - creatures who looked neither human, Chimera, or Cloven. Rantings of a lunatic? Or more evidence of a new type of Cloven that we've yet to see? Sometime after her interview -- held at a refugee camp outside of Dresden -- Semynova disappeared.

-- Journal Entry, 03 September, 1951 -- James Grayson

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