Doctor Linda Barrie is a MIT graduate and a member of SRPA's technology assessment team. She was the former fiancee of the late Anton Nash. Although Nash was killed by the Chimera in a mission to recover a Chimeran artifact, Dr. Barrie continued her work to decode the mysterious object.

On November 23rd, 1951, Dr. Barrie was assigned to participate in Operation Iron Fist in penetrating a Chimeran base near Hotspring, South Dakota in acquiescing Chimeran fuel rods. In which Barrie was specialized in accompanying Echo Team in overseeing the capture of the rods. It is during this time that she first met Nathan Hale, who was previously with Nash, and reveal her relationship with her former fiancee much to Hale's surprise. She reassured him that despite being seen as a civilian (and a woman) she can look out for herself. On November 28th, Barrie and Echo infiltrated the Chimeran facility via captured Stalkers as the United States Army, through the 5th Ranger Battalion, distracted Chimeran forces as a smokescreen for Echo.

After entering a Chimeran watchtower, they quickly wiped out the remaining Chimera personnel, and discovered the fuel rods. After removing the rods, Barrie and the remainders of Echo Team traveled to the roof of the structure where they hail the VTOL, the Party Girl, for extraction. There Barrie and Echo dispatched arriving Chimeran forces while attempting to destroy the facility's anti-aircraft guns. As Hale called in the Party Girl, Barrie proceeded to destroy the last remaining AA guns but only to be shot. Though wounded, Barrie was carried to safety onto the Party Girl by Hale and escaped with Echo. Thereafter, for several weeks, Dr. Barrie recuperated at the Denver Federal Center.

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