Cindy: I'm scared. (cat meows) Yesterday I got bit by a Leaper--I know I'm supposed to report it but Lizzy said if you suck out the venom fast enough you won't get infected. I thought it worked but now I'm getting dizzy and hungry and (cat meows)--getting so hot. I'm hungry, I'm really (cat meows)...hungry. Come here Smokey. (voice becomes increasingly distorted, cat seems apprehensive) Good kitty. (cat yowls and ripping sounds) I love you, Smokey.


  • The final "I love you, Smokey" is in a Chimeran voice and can only be discerned in the subtitles.
  • The author of this record may have turned into a Grim or a "zombie" type infectee without being wrapped into a cocoon.

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