Laura Warner is the wife of Sgt. Benjamin Warner. She and her family lived in Twin Falls, Idaho. Despite the Sentinels' Code of Zero Tolerance, Laura was able to make contact with her husband for three separate occasions, as SRPA prevented Warner from making contact with his family, in which the last attempt (on March 22, 1952) had her finally reuniting with her husband before being retrieved by a Black Ops squad. During their reunion, Laura lamented to Warner for leaving his family and subjecting himself in a hopeless cause against the Chimera.[1]

On March 11th, 1953, Warner sent a letter to Laura in which he answered to Laura's lament that he had a will to do whatever he can to protect her and their son, and also a warning to her in taking her and Jacob to Baton Rouge, Louisiana in hindsight of an immanent Chimeran assault on the United States. It is unknown whether she and her son made it to Baton Rouge.[1]


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