Lynx jeep

The LU-P LYNX is a versatile combat jeep used by the British Army.

It served in various roles during the Chimeran War. It is an all-terrain light-utility vehicle mostly used for long patrols. While unarmored, the Lynx is extremely crash-worthy due to its reinforced chassis. It has four-wheel drive and a deceptively wide track which keeps it from tipping over in tight turns. The Lynx is outfitted with a 360 degree shock-dampened turret equipped with an L-650 12.7mm general purpose machine gun. There is room for a driver, a passenger, and a soldier to operate the mounted machine gun. It is found to be very useful in hit-and-run attacks.

Resistance: Fall of ManEdit


The player has two opportunities to drive the LYNX; in Somerset to reach the place where the Chimera that attacked Northern Command are coming from, and Thames where the player destroys a Stalker with the LYNX. The player also gets the opportunity to man the turret in Thames.

Resistance: RetributionEdit

LU-P Lynx

The LYNX as it appears in Retribution.

The Lynx is only seen driven by Stephen Cartwright in a cutscene, which Cartwright offers James Grayson a lift to Luxembourg after having destroying the Earth Movers.

Resistance 3Edit

The LYNX appears in Resistance 3 with little changes as the primary vehicle of the Wardens. Some LYNXs have bolted-on armor plates to re-enforce and better protect the driver.



Aim away from face
  • Insomniac tried to make the details of Fall of Man to look "British" but, on the LYNX, the steering wheel is on the left hand side, which is usually commonly designed in the United States and mainland Europe. British cars have their steering wheel on the right hand side.
  • The LYNX, in a way, resembles to the U.S.-made M422 Mighty Mite, a failed replacement for the jeep in 1946.
  • The LYNX Machine Gun has a friendly warning to "Aim away from face".