For US Military Intelligence at Department of War at Arlington

1 Nov 1939

Weak signal intercepts have been received out of Russia at
Ipswich listening station. Signal appears to be in Cyrillic
Morse, but is too weak for clear transmission.

On a hunch, Ipswich listening post command sent a request to
other listening posts requesting information on a signal
received on 23 Aug 1939 at 19.11 hours. Darwin Listening Post
and the U.S. Listening Post at Anchorage both confirmed the
signal and relayed the following information on origin of

Ipswich: from 19.5 degrees (estimated distance from source of
signal: 1900 miles)

Darwin: from 318.3 degrees (estimated distance from source of
signal: 6700 miles)

Anchorage: from 349.9 degrees (estimated distance from source of
signal: 4815 miles)

Entered into LATLONDB

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