SRPA file LDP227489WK highlights the utilization of the Liberty Defense Towers.




Liberty Defense Tower
High Level Summary

The DOW has analyzed several strategies to address the
imminent invasion by the aliens.

 - In the initial invasion, the vulnerable east and west coasts
   will undoubtedly fall. Casualties in the first weeks of the
   invasion, regardless of final outcome, will be between 10%
   and 15% of the total population at best (15 million to 22
 - Conventional defense without the Liberty Defense Towers is
   estimated (in best case scenarios) to fail within six months
   with a loss of almost 98% of the United States civilian
   population (146 million)
 - Using chemical weapons (banned by the Geneva convention) and
   reduction of the draft age to 14 could, in best case
   scenarios, double the length of time that the U.S. holds out.
 - The Liberty Defense Network does not forestall immense
   casualties in the early weeks of invasion (15 million to 22
   million, primarily due to the loss of the northeast corridor
   on the east coast and San Francisco, Los Angeles and San
   Diego on the west coast.) Depending on the ability of the
   military to slow the invasion and therefore, the amount of
   time allowed for evacuation, casualties could be held to 25%
   to 60% of the civilian population (28 million to 90 million.)

Construction of the Liberty Defense Tower network has been
authorized by President Grace. Construction is expected to be
completed by September of 1951.

It encloses the center of the United States in a defensive
ring (see LDP758986PS).

The Liberty Defense Perimeter is a series of armed defense
towers, no more than fifty feet apart and averaging about 1400
feet tall.

Each tower includes gun emplacements with a 25 to 30 mile
range firing high-velocity concussion shells so that no point
along the perimeter is undefended.

It is the most monumental construction project ever undertaken
by this United States, comparable in scale with the Great Wall
of China and the pyramids.

It is also our only hope.
Ref. LDP758986PS, LDP758012EL, LDP759540YC, LDP725027DK,
LDP578932HS, LDP203933JD


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