Negative keystone thats an order

Keystone Company, in the VTOL, just before being killed by the Leviathan.

"Command, this is Keystone, we have visual on the hostile, requesting permission to engage!"
―A pilot of the Keystone Company was calling the Command for attacking the Leviathan.[src]

Keystone Company is a Black Ops unit that appeared in Resistance 2, especially in Twin Falls, Idaho and Chicago, Illinois.

The first time Keystone Company are seen is while making your way to the North Tower in Twin Falls where their corpses, and Spinner Pods are strewn along the bridge. It is believed that Keystone was there to protect Twin Falls, and during the ground assault told the majority of the civilian population to hide in a train tunnel. When the Chimera attacked all the population in the train tunnel were infected and the few survivors, with the help of Sentinel Team Lima, tried to stop the Chimeran forces and activate the tower.Sadly,they all died trying.

At the beginning of the Leviathan boss fight in Chicago, Illinois Keystone are seen again this time following the Leviathan in a U/AV-17 Hawk. They request permission to fight it, but are denied by Major Blake who tells them to retreat. As they try to escape the Leviathan hits their VTOL and sends them, in a ball of flames, into the side of a building which instantly kills them.

Known PersonnelEdit

Resistance-2-Keystones death

Keystone Company's dramatic death.


  • Even though Keystone Company collided into the building in Chicago, if you look there just after the Leviathan tries to eat you for the first time there is no sign of damage to the wall or any sign of a VTOL.
  • Keystone Company could have been named after a SRPA base in Keystone, South Dakota that was seen in Metastasis.

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