Keith Oster

Psych ReportEdit

SOLDIER: SGT Keith Oster
DOCTOR: Dr. Cassie Aklin


Sgt. Keith Oster appears to be an aggressive soldier loyal to God,
country and the military. However, under that facade, he demonstrates
many signs of hostility. Keith speaks at length about his past
experiences disrupting protest gatherings, where he arrested dozes of
dissenters with "necessary force." I believe that he channels his
aggressions into his official duties by exerting his assumed dominance
over individuals he may consider to be weak.

He wouldn't talk about his father in our first session. That's telling.
I guess most boys were "toughened up" by their paternal guardians
during adolescence, but some men take this lesson a bit too far into
their adulthood.

It seems that violence has surrounded Oster his entire life. That
doesn't necessarily mean that he's ready for Project Abraham but, then
again, who is?

Record of ServiceEdit




IOWA CITY, IA on 07.10.47

REPORT DATE Record of promotions, reductions, transfers, casualties, etc. Date of implementation
7/15/47 Begins BCT at Fort Benning, Georgia 7/15/47
9/16/47 Transferred to Co E 4th Glider Inf 9/16/47
6/11/48 Promotion to Private FC 6/11/48
11/12/48 Transfer to Camp Toccoa, Georgia for PI Training 11/12/48
1/12/49 Transfer to 17th AB 111th PRCT 1/12/49
1/29/49 Disciplinary procedure. Charge: Assault. Recommendation: No Punishment 1/29/49
3/12/49 Promotion to Specialist 3/14/49
6/19/49 Transfer to 10th SFG, Ft Bragg, NC 6/20/49
6/20/49 CO authorizes one year time-in-rate waiver 6/21/49
3/19/50 Promotion to Corporal 3/21/50
9/17/50 Promotion to Sergeant 9/19/50
10/10/50 Transfer to ALASKA - specific base location classified 10/10/50

Psych Report (2)Edit

SOLDIER: SGT Keith Oster
DOCTOR: Dr. Cassie Aklin


Keith Oster was unfazed by the news that it was not yet his time to
endure the injection. He almost shrugged when I told him, as if to say,
"Better him than me."

I can tell I have my work cut out with this soldier.

Psych Report (3)Edit

SOLDIER: SGT Keith Oster
DOCTOR: Dr. Cassie Aklin


Keith was hesitant in our session. He looked at me as though he was
suddenly seeing me in a different light - almost like he blamed me for
why the last experiment failed. Sgt. Oster eyed me the way you eye a

And it almost seemed like he respected me more for it.

He spoke a bit more about strong-arming war protesters back in Florida.
The information was nothing new, and I felt like an accomplice for
hearing his boastful words.

Psych Report (4)Edit

SOLDIER: SGT Keith Oster
DOCTOR: Dr. Cassie Aklin


When I broke the news to Keith, he immediately tried to bargain his way
out of it. He asked repeatedly who chose him and how he could appeal
to "him" (of course assuming that the person in charge was male). I
froze up. How could I explain that I was unwilling to make the
decision myself, so I pawned off the responsibility to a group
of strangers?

So I took the blame. Even though it was a lie, it was the right thing
to do. He deserves to put a face to this terrifying experience and I am,
unfortunately, the one he sees every day.

When he heard that I had selected him, he went silent for a moment. I
have to admit that his stare frightened me; this is a violent man, after
all. How selfish could I be? Keith is facing almost certain death, or
at least a nearly lethal affliction, and I was worried about myself?

My fears aren't completely unfounded. He sent one dissenter, named
Elden something, to intensive care after bludgeoning his face with the
butt of his rifle repeatedly. Elden's jaw was caved in irreparably and he
suffered minor brain damage. However, Oster's commanding officer
never officially reprimanded him for such brutal actions, instead
dismissing the event as necessary and swift action against a clear and
present threat to national safety.

Oster has a lot of demons to work out - I just hope I'm not around
when he erupts. But I have to maintain my objectivity. Otherwise, I
won't be any good to these soldiers.


From: Colonel Grant Thompson
To: Dr. Cassie Aklin, PhD
Re: Surveillance Audio

Date: 11/17/50
Dr. Aklin,

It has come to our attention that Sgt. Keith Oster
discussed a violent incident from his past with fellow
Project Abraham subject Nathan Hale. Seeing as how this
conservation may have a bearing on your psychological
research, I wanted to alert you to the file:

Please do not divulge the presence of our surveillance
microphones to the soldiers; it would jeopardize their
trust in us and, most likely, with you as well.


Col. Grant Thompson, U.S. Army


Lab ResultsEdit

P.A. SUBJECT #492132FB
NAME: Sgt. Keith Oster
PEL# bu75207b

Summary: The results of Sgt. Oster's injection were
inconclusive due to a tragic chain of events. The
subject's respiration was accelerated, his pulse elevated
to dangerous levels and his pupil dilation irregular.
Before the serum could be administered, however, the
sergeant assaulted an orderly and was subdued by an
attending soldier's firearm.

Keith Oster did not survive.

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