Dr. Julia Cathcart was a SRPA scientist who studied the Gray Tech components under Project Prometheus, stationed at SRPA 7. In December 1952, after extensively studying and experimenting with the Gray Techs Cathcart strongly theorized that the components are part of a vastly powerful, ancient weapon, which she hypothetically named the "Prometheus Weapon".[1] Initially her theory of the Prometheus Weapon was dismissed by some of her colleagues until proven when SRPA Specter Team discovered strong evidences to support Cathcart's theory from the Gray Techs recovered from Bryce Canyon, Utah.[2]

Dr. Cathcart later almost escape from harm of a fatal, accidental experiment with the Gray Techs on January 4th, 1953. She mainly escaped this as she was on the opposite side of the room when one of the Gray Tech components emitted a powerful energy, which killed five members of her research staff.[3]


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