Jonathan Rose is a Christian priest who lives with his wife, Jean in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania. The town is deeply religious and at some time after the Chimera invaded Jonathan took the role of defacto leader of the town. He worked at the town coal mines for 12 years before the Chimeran invasion, possibly as a mechanic.

Resistance 3

Two days before Joseph Capelli and Dr. Malikov arrived in Mount Pleasant, Jonathan was fixing the town's generator and went missing. After being gone for two days, Jean Rose requested Capelli to look for Jonathan, and in return Jonathan would fix the town's broken train so Capelli and Malikov could continue their way to New York. Capelli eventually found Jonathan, who was being overwhelmed by Grims.

He and Capelli went into the tunnels to kill the Chimera creature known as Satan that had been terrorizing Mount Pleasant. Jonathan was wounded by the creature but Capelli succeeded in killing the creature and bringing Jonathan back safely. As Capelli and Malikov departed Capelli asked the couple to pray for him.