John Harper is a character that appears in Resistance 3.


At some point after the Chimera conquered Earth, Harper was separated from his family before arriving and settling in Haven, Oklahoma. He worked hard and devoted his time in helping the townspeople, and eventually winning their aspiration including Joseph Capelli, whom he considered Harper as the most trusted person he ever met. Harper had also been trying to search for his family for four years. Lately as of 1957, he tragically learned that his family were killed outside Tulsa.[1]

Harper then decided to join Capelli and Dr. Fyodor Malikov in their journey to New York City.


  • John Harper only exist in the co-op campaign and a multiplayer character in Resistance 3.
  • He is the only Player 2 character to have a name after the Resistance: Fall of Man co-op player, which had no name nor story.
  • If he is downed and out of harms reach then he will bleed out in 30 seconds before dying.
  • A coloured outline will reflect how much health he has: Green for 50% or more health, yellow if his health drops below 50%, orange if it drops further to below 25% and red for downed.
  • It is possible for Player 1 to play as John Harper if offline and Player 2 presses start to access the main menu.


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