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Since before and after the Chimeran invasion of Europe and Asia, America had remained strictly isolated from world affairs under the Noah Grace Administration, and served only to protect its own agendas and interests. However, prior to Grace's presidency the American government and military had been aware of the Chimeran threat within Russia and was directly involve in foreign affairs in strengthening humanity's stance against the Chimera.

Finally realizing just how much of a threat the invaders were, the United States entered the war against the Chimera in July 1951 (only after the British had offered an exchange of a captured Chimeran Angel, however), and later successfully liberated Britain from the Chimera's control.

Beginning of an InvasionEdit

One month after the liberation of Britain, the Chimera finally began to focus their attention on Earth's western hemisphere (for reasons ascertaining to their excavation of the Chimeran towers). In August 14 1951, they began their direct attack on America by launching a Spire attack on the state of New York.[1] Chimera forces begin to launch an attack in Staten Island Borough of New York City as group of resistance fighters called themselves the "Minutemen", led by Ellie Martinez try to hold them off until the city is evacuated. Tom Riley the local fireman joins the Minute Men and defend the evacuation while the citizens of New York, including Tom's family escape to the Howard Tunnel. Chimera launch another volley of Spire Missiles and bombardment the Staten Island, releasing Crawlers as Tom Riley, Ellie Martinez and the Minutemen escaped.

Later the same day, Ellie Martinez brought Tom Riley to the military base in Bayonne, New Jersey and introduce to Colonel Amherst and also brought the Grey Tech and show it to Amhesrt who though believed that technology is too dangerous. The Chimera are attacking the base and Ellie and Riley are assisting the US Army personals to hold the Chimeran forces and move the battery main gun and install it onto the US Navy warship U.S.S. Puerto Rico. The Abomination emerges from the Upper New York Bay and attack the naval base while Tom Riley battles and manages to defeat the giant Chimera by shoot in the mouth and blow up the monster's lower jaws and killed it, single-handily.

By nighttime, Ellie Martinez and Tom Riley arrived in SPRA Station Kali, based on Ellis Island which is already been abandoned and now is completely overrun by the Chimera. They battling the Chimera through the facility on the island and learn about the "human source" and Richard Gorrell's pet project.

When they reach Union City Protection Camp in New Jersey where was been attacked by the Chimera. Tom's family and some of other survivors was captured by the Carriers. Tom and Ellie were also captured and taken to the nearest Chimeran Tower somewhere in Appalachian Mountain, just outside of Union City. They rescued Rachel Riley and other large group of uninfected survivors, Tom Riley must stop Richard Gorrel from control the modules. Gorrell activated the modules on Leviathan, but it became uncontrollable. Gorrell escapes and Riley forced to fight and finally obliterated the giant Chimera by destroy all modules and caught into the beam of the generator, causing the unstable chain reaction of the Conversion Tower. Richard Gorrell ambush Tom Riley, prevent the fireman from escaping. But the fireman punch the mad scientist in the face and quickly slashed his Fire Axe into the Gorrel's neck, killing him for good. Tom Riley and all the other survivors made it out alive just in nick of time before the Chimeran Tower destroyed. After New York was contained, the Grace Administration responded by creating the Liberty Defense Perimeter, a heavily defended safe zone in the middle of America.

In early September, the entire group of Carriers were died out.

Near the end of 1951, America's northwest had been completely overrun by the Chimera (which officially made SRPA coined the term "Gray Territory"). The replacements of the Crawlers in place for Spinners greatly helped the Chimera in this conquest, as they could effectively infect populated cities within days (such is what happened to Chicago, Illinois). The northwest invasion was only halted and impeded by the valor of the U.S. military, SRPA and Sentinel efforts in derailing the alien advance.

By this time, President Grace had begun to rethink that the Chimera would inevitably take over the U.S. if they stayed at the rate they were going, and he secretly revealed (to the approval of most of his Cabinet) and executed a negotiation attempt with the leading Chimeran entity known as Daedalus to spare America in exchange for the rest of the world; this plan was known as Project Omega. However, the negotiations failed as SRPA Lieutenant Nathan Hale killed Grace for his treachery to the human race.[2]

The Chimera Gain GroundEdit

Throughout 1952, the Chimera constructed and extensively used giant airships to bombard the American coastlines with Spire missiles. The American Southeast was entirely blanketed with Spire attacks and was declared a gray territory, while on the West Coast the attempted invasion of Orick, California was contained by the forces of Specter Team. This change in tactics was due to the new leadership of Daedalus, who augmented with his military strategy among the Chimeran military caste and as well improving the chain of leadership with the introduction of Overseers and Primarchs.[3]

Fearing the inevitable entire occupation of America and faced with gigantic amounts of human genocide by the Chimera, Grace's successor Harvey McCullen drafted a colonization plan of the Hawaiian islands, dubbed by the news press as "Operation Aloha".[4] However, the operation later became an apparent failure when the entire islands' colonist population (including military personnel) mysteriously disappeared without signs of any conflict.[5]

The Beginning of the EndEdit

On May 15th 1953, Daedalus ordered his airship fleet to massively invade America's West Coast which, if taken, would allow the Chimera to surround the US military on all sides. Lt. Nathan Hale, led his squad Echo Team to repel the Chimeran forces, including Sgt. Benjamin Warner operated the air defene battery main turret and open fire at one of the Chimeran airships and damaging it.

Echo Team able to locate the damaged Chimeran airship which been tracked down by SPRA over the Orick in gray territories

By May 28th, the Chimera finally breached the Liberty Defense Perimeter at the southern border and caused the loss of estimated to be 63 million human casualties.[6] Among those that have died was President McCullen and his cabinet.[7] All remaining human survivors, totalling about 7 million, were scattered over America. Of these, 2 million were relocated by American military forces to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the last remaining protection camp in the nation. General of the Army Douglas MacArthur became temporary leader of the civilian population until orderly elections could be held.

Operation Black EdenEdit

Main article: Operation Black Eden

Despite the nation crippled by the invasion, SRPA made a last desperate assault on stopping the Chimera's intentions over the Chicxulub crater by initiating Operation Black Eden in late June. The operation involved in placing a fission bomb within Daedalus' flagship and detonating it, destroying the remainders of the Chimeran fleet and Daedalus' plans. The operation was a success, as the fleet was annihilated in the nuclear explosion and Daedalus was killed at the hands of Nathan Hale. However, the success was only partial in that many soldiers (including Nathan Hale) died, and Daedalus' leadership system of Primarchs and Overseers still stood. Furthermore, Daedalus' mysterious plans succeeded with the creation of a wormhole to the Chimera's star system.

Assault on the New York TowerEdit

All United States forces, including conflicting forces such as Freedom First who had been known to assassinate U.S. Government Officials, joined together in a coalition to destroy the New York Hub Tower in the hope that it would remove the wormhole now above the American skyline and also prevent any geographical climate changes that have previous been seen due to Chimeran Hub Towers (Temperature rates plummeting and the area being blanketed in snow). The assault was planned by former Secretary of the Interior Thomas Voss, who became the 36th President of the United States whilst making the voyage to New York, and Dr. Fyodor Malikov. Thousands of surviving soldiers, ex-soldiers and Sentinels participated in the assault but it was a major catastrophe with the United States Armed Forces and SRPA being crushed leaving the Chimera to claim all of the United States of America unopposed.


  • The name of the entire invasion is never officially called as the "Invasion of the United States" and is used only in naming conjecture for a unnamed and recognizable conflict.


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