Columbus Welcomes Liberty Defense Tower!

By Arthur Lee Henkley


Residents of Columbus, Ohio can rest a little easier today, as the very first defense
tower went active at nine AM local time. The 1400-foot-tall weapon is the very first in
President Grace’s visionary defense project, with at least two dozen more around the
country in various stages of completion.

"It’s extremely gratifying" says Army engineer Charles Emmerson, "knowing that our
country solved a problem in time to prevent a major catastrophe."

Emmerson, who served as chief engineer on the project, credit’s the tower’s record-
breaking construction time to the thousands of dedicated men and women of the U.S.
military, many of whom went months without a day off. The initiative began in early
September, when President Grace declared a state of emergency following the so-
called "spire attack" in the northeast.

When asked if he expects the tower to prevent further spire attacks, Emmerson replied
with a confident grin.

"This tower fires high-velocity concussion shells with a range of over fifty miles. I
wouldn’t want to be standing in front of it."

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