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Name: Warner, Benjamin Phillip

Sex: M

Height: 5'10"

D.O.B.: 9-Jan-23

Rank: Sergeant

S/N: 224001

Unit: Echo Team

Supervising Physician: Keegan, Anna

SRPA Test Case: 80327-44F


K.I.A. August 11, 1951


Reclaimed by SRPA Tactical Ops August 12, 1951. Recruited into Sentinel Program
August 13, 1951. Currently under command of Major Richard Blake, acting Director of
Tactical Ops at SRPA Station 003 (SFCA).


Subject responded favorably to stage two inhibitor, however has since volunteered for
clinical testing of stronger stages. At the time of this report (February 11, 1952) subject
had taken both stage three and four inhibitors, the latter of which resulted in cardiac
arrest due to improper antigen incubation.

Subject is to be released from clinic pending full body workup and psychological
profile. Recommend immediate return to stage two inhibitor.


Survivor, Project Abraham. Released to United States Army for clandestine
observation January 1st, 1951. Live trial determined to be successful.

Assigned to Sentinel Team Echo August 14, 1951 under the leadership of Lt. Hank Leavitt (KIA).

Bronze Star for his part in OPERATION IRON HAND, a rescue mission deep
within gray zone formerly known as Georgia, July 25, 1952.

Aided in OPERATION KODIAK, October 8, 1952.

Aided in OPERATION FROZEN FORTRESS, November 11, 1952.


August 17, 1951: SRPA-770 - Broke SRPA Code of Zero Correspondence. Attempted to
make contact with wife Laura and son Jacob. FIRST WARNING.

September 18, 1951: SRPA-770 - Broke SRPA Code of Zero Correspondence.
Attempted to make contact with wife Laura and son Jacob. SECOND WARNING.

March 22, 1952: UCMJ-86 - Absence Without Leave. Left SRPA-3 (SFCA) facility and
attempted to reach family in Twin Falls, Idaho. X-RAY Squad successfully retrieved
Sergeant Warner prior to contact. Received 30 days in stockade.

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