Pursuant to SRPA Code 760-B, every Sentinel must undergo clinical inhibitor treatment to keep the virus under control. Frequency of C.I.T. is dependent on the subject’s stage of infection as noted by his/her physician.

If the subject in question is not near a licensed SRPA inhibitor clinic due to military action, they may employ the use of an I-Pack. Designed by Dr. Fyodor Malikov in 1951 for the purpose of administering short-term inhibitors to Sentinels in the field, the I-Pack is to be considered a temporary solution only.

While no substitute for clinical inhibitor treatment (which requires a direct injection into the subject’s brain stem), the I-Pack can effectively aerosolize a temporary inhibitor, making it a breathable vapor. A single dose is enough to suppress the Chimeran virus for three-to-four hours, giving the subject enough time to complete their mission and return to base for C.I.T.

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