SRPA Intelligence Memorandum
ATTN: Major Richard Blake

Major Blake

I believe I know the reason for the Chimeran fleet's recent change in course toward the
Yucatan peninsula. It is my theory that the towers, the fleet and the Chicxulub crater
are all related to Daedalus' plan. As you know, I have theorized that there was another
race at war with the Chimera millions of years ago. It is my belief that this crater is the
last visible remnant of an event that ended that ancient war. Whatever was destroyed
in that crater was the crux of the Chimeran power on this planet - the focal point of a
planet wide network of towers.

The Chimeran fleet has converged on that crater for a reason, and I believe they are
nearing the completion of a goal more devastating than what we have imagined
possible. But with their ships gathered so close together they are also more vulnerable
than they realize. Before SRPA Four was destroyed they had completed a prototype
fission bomb using materials recovered by the Specter Team. If you can retrieve that
bomb and detonate it within 500 feet of the core reactor on Daedalus' ship, the chain
reaction may be enough to eliminate the entire fleet.

I know we have had our differences in the past, Major, but I implore you to trust me on
this. I believe it is our one and only chance at victory.


Dr. Fyodor Malikov

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