Major Richard Blake

Director, Advanced Tactical Ops

SRPA Research Station Igloo

Grindavik, Iceland


Major Blake,

It is imperative that we reclaim all surviving test subjects of Project Abraham. The case
of Jordan Shepherd has demonstrated the peril we are in as long as these subjects
remain in the field. I want a comprehensive analysis of every injection given to these
men at SRPA-NT. If the research team at Igloo cannot prove that the threat of further
transformation is contained, then we will be forced to terminate all remaining Project
Abraham subjects including active Sentinels.

Your immediate priority is Sergeant Nathan Hale. He shipped out with Operation
Deliverance and is currently unaccounted for. Initial reports indicated he was KIA
during the assault on York, but intercepts of British radio com suggest he may have
survived. Someone at SRPA-NT redacted the phase three test records for both
Shepherd and Hale. Probability is high that both received similar injections.
Reclamation of Hale is now SRPA's top priority. Be advised, the subject may have been
infected in the field, thus altering or accelerating the stages of transformation. Use of
deadly force is authorized should the subject be uncooperative or exhibit symptoms
similar to Shepherd.


Lyle K. Parsons

Executive Director


  • This piece of intel places SRPA Station Igloo in Grindavik, in south-west Iceland rather than Hólar in Northern Iceland.