I’ve been lying here For aLmost thrEe hours. rEmembering The lAst Time we were
together. IT was outside DAn's Diner, during the first thunderstorm of the season. You
stood in the rain. Crying and you asKed me an IMportant question. The question of why.
Why a Man would joIN a causE with no hope for victory. Why a maN would
abandon his family for a hopeless endeavor. Why a man would give his body To
madmen who use science to play God.
I remember how empty I felt not to have Given yOu The answer yOu deserved. And the
truth, sweetheart, is very simple. It's BecAuse I musT.
I am nOt foolish eNough to believe I will survive this waR. HOwever I can choose how I
die. And I know that for every one of them I kill, there's one less out there who can hUrt
you and Jacob.
Know that whatever I am, for however lonG I havE, I am out here to protect you. I'll love
you always and forever.
Hoping this letter finds you safe.
Eternally Yours.

Secret MessageEdit

There is a secret message written by Benjamin Warner to his family warning about the inevitable Chimeran invasion.

To find the secret message, it only mention the capital letters that aren't after a full stop/period and don't count the ones at the beginning on the proper nouns ( e.g. DAn's Diner). The only one that is in the code is the "F" because it isn't the beginning of a noun.

Spelling out the message reveals: FLEET ATTACK IMMINENT GO TO BATON ROUGE.

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