"Those inhibitors are crucial to the Sentinels' survival! We cannot leave without them!"
Malikov to X-Ray One.[src]

An inhibitor is a treatment used to combat the Chimeran virus. Different inhibitor stages combat different stages of the virus. It is administered in a direct injection into the subject's brain stem, and is mainly used before important missions along with an I-Pack (a gas version of the inhibitors carried around in a backpack like object).[1] However, Dr. Fyodor Malikov stated that his inhibitors only slow down and keep the virus under control, or at best to alter its final effects.[2] Inevitably it will overcome those that are infected. And if the subject is too far along in the conversion process the inhibitors will have no effect at all.[2]

Stage 1 Edit

Was used to combat early symptoms of the virus. It is believed that the people who had human eyes were using this inhibitor and Stage 2 such as Richard Blake and nearly all the Sentinels apart from Nathan Hale in Resistance: The Gathering Storm.

Stage 2 Edit

Was used by Benjamin Warner in which it responded favorably. After the unsuccessful use of the later two inhibitor stages in which Warner experienced cardiac arrest from using the Stage 4 inhibitors, the Stage 2 was heavily recommended to be used on Warner.[3]

Stage 3 Edit

Was aforementioned to be used by Benjamin Warner before returning to using Stage 2 Inhibitors.[3]

Stage 4 Edit

Was used on Aaron Hawthorne and was proven ineffective, most likely due to accelerated viral mutation during live trial.[4] It was also inoculated to Joseph Capelli which apparently causes him to possess a severe emotional instability possibly due to a chemical imbalance as a direct result of prolonged inhibitor treatment.[5]

Stage 5 Edit

Was used by Aaron Hawthorne in which it was proved positively more effective than the Stage 4 treatment previously used on him.[4]

Stage 6 Edit


Stage 7 Edit

This inhibitor is originally used on Nathan Hale; however, the inhibitor was potentially speculated to be ineffective after Hale's cellular receptors were beginning to combat serum effectiveness at an alarming rate. Nathan missed a number of these treatments and became terminal.[6]

Stage 8 Edit

Given when inhibitors have been missed for too long to combat the virus just before the mutation starts and are usually accompanied with blood transfusions. These are the most powerful inhibitors and are reserved for critical cases.[citation needed]

Afterword Edit

Due to the fact that Stage Seven and Eight failed to be administered on Nathan Hale, Dr. Malikov tried to create a Zeta series of inhibitors for him that would reverse the transformation process that Hale had experienced since his near fatal confrontation with Daedalus. Unfortunately, Malikov didn't manage to reach the deadline of June 26th, 1953, in which Hale participated in Operation Black Eden. With Hale's death came a cure for the virus, the Hale Vaccine.[7]


  • There were four different series' of inhibitors - Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Zeta.[8]


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