York intel infection

Infection is the second Intel document in Resistance: Fall of Man. It is found in the section level "Gauntlet" in York.



-Line Medic Observations

Creatures enter through the
airway. Some remain outside
to mend injuries.
Injuries are self-inflicted
bruises and lacerations.
Victims compulsively try to
tear the creatures out of

Comatose State:

  • No pain response.
  • Rapid shallowing breathing.
  • Feverish temperature.
  • Profuse sweating.
  • Dehydration appears
    inevitable if they remain
    where they lay.
  • Enemy sometimes kills
    outright, other times
    infected bodies, leaving them

Found two uninfected corpses
with the flesh almost
entirely eaten away.
Infected bodies are left

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