India Eight-Two was a VTOL pilot. He along with Victor Company picked up Sgt. Nathan Hale after the Battle of London.

Whilst in Iceland a Goliath targeted India Eight-Two's VTOL killing Victor One. India Eight-Two requested permission from "tower" to land but the Goliath shot down the VTOL. It is believed that India Eight-Two died when his VTOL crashed.


  • India Eight-Two is an Easter Egg because his name means "Resistance 2", in military terms India stands for "I" and of course Eight ( 8 ) Two(2) and Resistance: Fall of Man was originally codenamed I-8, hence when Resistance 2 (the sequel) came along it would have been named Resistance: Fall of Man 2 (I-8-2 = India Eight-Two).
    • Also India Eight-Two shares his name with the first chapter of Resistance 2, for exactly the same reason as above. That I-8-2 means I-8's (Resistance: Fall of Man) sequel.

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