The Imperial Russian Army (Russian: Ру́сская импера́торская а́рмия) was the land armed force of the Russian Empire, active from around 1721 to the early 1950s. In the early 1850s, the Russian army consisted of more than 900,000 regular soldiers and nearly 250,000 irregulars (mostly Cossacks). The Russian army was annihilated by the Chimera during the Chimeran War in the early 1950s.

History Edit

The Russian army participated in the Great War on the side of the Allies, at that time Russia had the greatest military force in the world. The Great War was won by the Allies, however in 1917 a revolution provoked by Bolshevik (communist) followers against the Russian monarchy regime was crushed by Tsarist forces led by Tsar Michael. By 1921 many people began protesting against the Tsar and several civil wars erupted across Russia.

By 1927, the Russian military was mobilized against the Chimera, leaving a majority of the country undefended. Despite the small forces the Chimera had, they were able to overcome the Russians and easily infecting and converting thousands of human soldiers to the Chimeran virus. In the 1940s the Russian army suffered great losses by the Chimera, and Chimeran forces were rapidly taking over Russia. Eventually the Russian army was defeated by the Chimera due to the high losses of soldiers, bad organisation of the army and a lack of resources, such as food, weapons and vehicles.

In the early 1950s Russia's current government collapsed to the Chimera. During the Chimeran War in Russia Dr. Fyodor Malikov created an experimental vaccine which showed promise in creating a resistance to the virus. This vaccine was tested on many Russian soldiers. However, the vaccine was a disaster and many Russian soldiers became mutated and insane, turning into the Cloven.

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