Homer Munger was the commander of a Freedom First recruitment camp near Custer, Montana.

In December 10th, 1951, Munger met Nathan Hale, who taken the undercover identity of 'Nathan Leary' to discover the whereabouts of Henry and Myra Walker, and interviewed him for his reason for joining Freedom First. Hale divulged everything including the deaths of his foster family, except for his associations with SRPA and the U.S. Army, in which Munger earned his trust. However, Munger soon discovered Hale's identity from one of the Firster members, Susan Farley, and interrogated him. When Hale revealed his mission in finding the Walkers to be supposedly among in Freedom First, Munger was very surprised to hear this as he doesn't know about Walker. Eventually, Munger released Hale after radioing Sam Jacoby, the leader of Freedom First Chicago, who verified Hale's story. Although Munger and his officers were none too pleased about the manner in which Hale infiltrated their training camp, they realized to rather than running the risk that the government would raid the compound looking for the Walkers (and by extension Hale).

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