Holar Tower, Iceland

The Holar Tower in Iceland.

The Holar Tower was a Chimeran Tower located in Holar, Iceland. Both it and the Chicago Tower contained large amounts of Gray Tech. This tower was excavated after the Chimera had invaded Iceland on July 15th, 1951, and has been the main base of the Chimera ever since. The tower seems to be a Hub Tower, as it can control the activation of the other towers throughout the tower network. It is mentioned in Resistance: The Gathering Storm that this Tower is the base of the Chimera, and in Resistance 2 's Co-op, it was responsible for the creation of 'red' Grims, which are never seen in other parts of the game. Advanced Hybrids were seen the most there as well, given the tower's importance and need for security.

The Holar Tower was later attacked by SRPA Black Ops soldiers and Sentinels on May 17th, 1953. It was a massive operation with over 75 VTOLs ferrying soldiers and dozens of F-86 Sabre jets. However, the assault underwent a Chimeran ambush, with Stalkers, Advanced Hybrids, and Steelheads totally miring both ground and air forces. Some of the remaining American forces managed to escape, but about 1,000-2,000 human personnel were killed. Ultimately, the attack was a costly failure which worsened with the deaths of distinguished Sentinel members, SPC. Aaron Hawthorne and Sgt. Benjamin Warner, being killed by Daedalus.[1] After the mission SRPA made four more assassination attempts on Daedalus.

After the breach of the Liberty Defense Perimeter, SRPA made a second, much more successful mission in Holar by sending in Specter Team to halt Daedalus' attempts in constructing the Prometheus Weapon.[2]


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