Henry Cabot Lodge c1898

Henry Cabot Lodge

Henry Cabot Lodge (May 12, 1850 – November 9, 1924) was an American statesman, a Republican politician, and a noted historian.

Henry Lodge opposed President Wilson's declaration of war on Germany, and he successfully led a strong majority of isolationists in Congress to overrule Wilson's request for American involvement in the Great War.


  • In real life, Henry Cabot Lodge was an avid supporter of American imperialism and U.S. involvement in the Great War on the side of the Entente Powers. But due to the Resistance series' alternate history, America became an isolationist state early on when the Spanish-American War was averted in 1898 and this resulted in the sudden change of events which limited America's interest in imperialism. These events subsequently affected certain people, including Lodge, to strongly favor a policy of isolationism.

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