Harley Burl was a prisoner captured by the Chimera and taken to a sulfide pit owned by Hasbro Mining near Madison, Wisconsin from November to December 1951. On the way there he befriended former Secretary of War Henry Walker. Initially, he never recognized nor knew of Walker's identity before he soon learning from a old tattered newspaper. He subsequently learned from Walker about President Noah Grace's treacherous compromise with the Chimera, Project Omega, and as well a recording tape of the said conspiracy in which it would potentially incriminate Grace.

Later on, Burl was among the prisoners who helped build an escape tunnel out of the pit. He was also the leading member of the Fair and Share Squad, who helped in dividing the resources among the prisoners while fighting against the so-called committees who'd vied for control over the resources.

On December 20th, Burl was the last prisoner to barely escape through the tunnel before Chimeran guards discovered the escape attempt. He stayed hidden from his captors, while remaining fifty feet away from the pit, before making his move under the blanket of a snow storm, where he made to an open road and arrived to a house where he hot-wired a pickup truck. Later on the road, a VTOL sighted him and extradite him. Once on board, Burl told anyone who would listen about Walker and the mining pit. Eventually, he came to SRPA in Denver where he regarded his information. Burl did not mention about Walker's incriminating recording to anyone until he was willing to. Burl later participated in the rescue mission at the mining pit and discovered to his disgust that Walker was taken to be converted by the Chimera. He then privately told Sentinel Nathan Hale, who led the mission, about Project Omega and the tape that Walker possessed. Burl was grateful to hear from Hale who intended into finding Walker's recording and is then ordered by him into help evacuating the prisoners.

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