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Hardfangs are a breed of Chimera similar to the Hybrids but are known to be tougher and crueler.

Hardfangs first appear in the level Bristol - "Evacuation" when Nathan Hale fought his way through the cafeteria in Southern Command.

The conversion process of this sub strain have been skewed in favor of heightening the creatures aggressiveness. This had the added effect of removing any form of self-preservation instinct. As such, the Hardfangs are often seen rushing into combat where they make use of their Arc Charger to strike at any enemy targets present.

Royal Marine Commandos often make use of designated marksmen to eliminate the Hardfangs before they can get close enough to become a threat.

Strategy Edit

  • Hardfangs rarely use cover, and will commonly charge straight for the player, so they're pretty easy to kill. The player must be wary of their Arc Chargers, as these can do serious damage to the player's health.
  • Hide in a corner or enclosed space, wait for them to come to the player, then blow them away with the Rossmore 236.
  • Using the Fareye and slow down time is also an efficient way of killing them before they could get close enough to damage the player.
  • Backlash Grenades are completely ineffective against their Arc Chargers.


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