Resistance 3-1674381

Dr. Fyodor Malikov investigating Hale's blood and looking for a cure.

The Hale Vaccine was a cure for the Chimeran virus created by Dr. Fyodor Malikov that was based on Pure Chimeran blood extracted from the body of Nathan Hale. Malikov discovered a unique protein within Hale's blood which he isolated and successfully cultivated into a vaccine for the Chimeran virus. Apparently, the Hale Vaccine was produced on a large enough scale for distribution to the surviving human population.[1]

The vaccine also enabled Sentinels to survive without inhibitor treatments, but caused the downside of losing their regenerative abilities. Joseph Capelli was among those who were vaccinated with the vaccine.


  • The Hale Vaccine is may be the explanation why human survivors have begun to use Chimeran Sym-Bac fluid as medication, reducing the number of human casualties as seen in throughout Resistance 3, and can be observed in by human settlements in Haven and Mount Pleasant.


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