Grimsby is the second campaign level of Resistance: Fall of Man.


Sgt. Nathan Hale wakes up in Grimsby's conversion center after the Chimera launch a Spire attack on York, England which brought a sudden end to the United States' attempt to recapture Britain from the Chimera and infected the remainder of the 1st Ranger Regiment.

When Sgt. Nathan Hale comes to his senses in the conversion center he sees Menials stripping human bodies and preparing them for the conversion process. He kills them and the other Chimera that are in the conversion center, then he goes through a door to a conversion cage area with soldiers from the British Army stuck in the cages almost seconds away from being converted. Two call out to him to try and free them, but when he goes near the cage Crawlers emerge from a vent and infect both of the soldiers in front of Sgt. Nathan Hale's eyes. Then a female voice calls to him and he darts over to the cage she's in, and discovers it's Rachel Parker. She tells him to shoot the control panel, which he does, and she escapes through a vent, but not before she tells Hale her frequency on the radio so they could contact each other.

It takes a few minutes before the Chimera realize Nathan Hale and Rachel Parker escaped their cages and are trying to escape the center, the Chimera regroup and try to stop those two from escape. Parker manage to escape the center first and awaits for Hale, as she forewarns him on ambushes was set by the Chimera. Hale manages to backfire the Chimera before he eventually escape from Grimsby with Rachel Parker via VTOL.


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Fates Worse than DeathEdit

You now find yourself in a body dumping room in a chimeran conversion center. After you come to, charge into room ahead of you and melee bash the two menials in here.  Now head through the doorway on your left and into the next room. Bash two more menials in this room and head into the next room.  On the right hand wall of this room is a locked silver door.  Next to the door on the left is a switch flip it and the door will open.  This will trigger a cutscene. After the scene head through the doorway straight ahead of you.  Don't run headlong into this room though.  After you enter you will see a menial ahead of you.  What you don't see is the menial in a side room on your right that will latch onto you if you move passed it.  Lure him out and bash them.  Move to the end of the room and take a left.  You will come to a doorway that has several planks of wood across it.  Bash your way through and then bash the menial ahead of you. Take a right and head up a small set of stairs.  Head to the right and through the next room.  Pause at this doorway for a moment. Doing so will cause some menials at the other end of the room to begin moving toward you.  After a few seconds two hybrids will move into the room.  Once they do, shoot the silver ball thingies on the left wall causing them to explode and taking out the hybrid.  Finish the menials up and head through the doorway the hybrids came out of.  As you head to the doorway blast another set of explosive balls to take out two more hybrid.  Now move through the doorway on your right.  Follow this hallway till you come to a lift.  Enter it and flip the switch.  After the door opens ignore the menials on the other side of the window and head to your left.  You will now be in a large room with several silos.  On a catwalk towards the back of the room is a hybrid, zoom snipe him. Now move into the room and follow the right wall till you come to a closed gate. Take a left at the gate and the it leads you to a section of floor that is now gone.  Drop down to the level below you and bash the two menials.  Leave through the open doorway and stop.  Turn right, you should now be looking out into a grassy open area.  As you proceed through this area lazer mines will spring from the ground.  They float up and begin charging their shot.  Shoot them before they can do the same to you.  Make your way to the stairs on the opposite side of the doorway.  Before you go up them, move around to the left side of them and pick up the shotgun.  Now head up the stairs.  Once you reach the top take a right and smash your way through the two crates.  Move into the next room and make your way towards the stairs.  Watch out for the two lazer mines at the base of the stairs.  Go up the stairs move forward and head up a second set of stairs on your left.  This takes you to another section of floor that is gone.  Drop down and take out two mines that spring up after you land.  You are now on the other side of the closed gate that you encountered after exiting the elevator.  Proceed throught the opening and you will now be in an alleyway.  On the left there is a storage container that has health and ammo if needed.  After you move towards the container you will see another open area with several menials milling about.  They are not your initial concern. On the left is a ledge, atop this ledge are two hybrids.  Move forward and place a nade on the ledge and move back toward the container.  Bash the menials as they close on you. And finish off the hybrid with bullseye fire if they survived.  Move through the alley to the next doorway.  Lying in the doorway are some hedgehog nades.  Becareful as you enter this doorway.  Once you get close enough a mine springs up.  After the mine is gone move foreward and into the large open area ahead of you.  There will be several menials coming toward you.  Bash them and seek cover.  On the opposite side of this large area there are several hybrid.  Stay behind cover on the ground level and zoom snipe them. Now head up the stairs and take a left to the center of the balchony the hybrid were on.  There should be a locked door with a small control box with a yellow circle on the right side of the door.  Toggle the control box and head through the now open door.  You are now outside on the waterfront.  Follow the path with caution.  As you near a small set of stairs two mines will activate on your left.  Deal with them and head up the stairs and to the left.  There will be several crates ahead of you and three mine launchers on the ground.  Dispatch the mines and proceed.  Bash the crates and drop down onto the storage container and hop to the ground.  After landing the level will end.


Once you have control move down the hall to the opening ahead of you. Stay in the doorway.  To your left underneath the crane are three hybrid.  Send them a nade from the safety of your doorway then rush any survivors with the bullseye.  Move underneath the crane and up the wooden ramp ahead of you.  Carefully make your way across the two wooden planks and look to your right. You will be looking down to an area with several crates.  There are three hybrid in this area snipe them from the safety of your perch and hop down.   To the right there is a doorway in the distance.  Take note of the explosive balls on the left side of the doorway.  Move forward, doing this will cause several hybrid to come out of the doorway.  Drop back and blast the explosives as they near them.  After they are dead head into the doorway.  A cutscene will play.  After the scene you will be in a large room with big blue containers. Head through the doorway at the opposite end of the room.  Make your way around the green ammo crates infront of you.  You will now be looking up a flight of stairs.  Switch to the shotgun and blast the leapers that charge you after you approach the stairs.  Make your way up the stairs and you will be charged by a second group of leapers from your right.  Again simply backpeddle and shotgun them into oblivion.  Flip the switch to the locked door infront of you and head inside.  You will be in a large room with cacoons hanging from the ceiling. Stick to the left wall and you will come to a stairway leading down to a large hanger type room.  From the safety of your vantage snipe the hybrid that are walking around on the ground level.  There are many of those explosive balls in this area.  Use them to take out the hybrid whenever you see an opportunity to do so.  Once they have been dealt with drop down to the floor and make your way to the far end of the room.  You should see a gap leading into the next hangar room.  Move into the opening and some hybrid will spawn. Use the explosive ball trick on these guys.  Turn right and there will be two more hybrid.  Again, use the exploding balls and back up.  After they are dead move into the area.  In front of you there will be a clyindrical closed door with a toggle station to the left.  Toggle the lock and enter the tube. Head down the tube and it will lead you to a large caverous room.  On the platform below you to the right is a hybrid with his back to you.  Use the bullseye and give him a suprise.  Ahead of you three more hybrid will attack. Deploy a hedgehog grenade and move past the garbage.  Follow the platform along the wall and bash the menial around the corner. Continue along the platform until you see two hybrid rush from the right.  Give them a hedgehog and proceed.  There will be a small bridge in front of you as you near it a mine will launch.  Head over the bridge and another mine will launch.  On the other side of the bride is an elevator.  Take out the two mines that will deploy when you near it and use the chimeran elevator.  Once it stops step out of the life and the level will end.

Hunted DownEdit

Follow the hallway as it winds through the chimeran conversion plant until you come to the opening on the far end.  Head through and drop down on the pathway outside.  Follow the trail up and to the left.  You will come to an elevator. Hop in and take a ride down.  Step out onto a narrow street with buildings located close on either side.  Head straight and take a right at the end of the road.  Move forward until you come to another path to the right and an open door on your left.  Take a left, as you head left three lazer mines will spring up.  Waste them and continue on.  As you move through this area ignore going into the buildings as they contain only mines and miniscule amounts of ammo.  Keep going forward until you come to the docks.  Take a right and head toward the stack of three exploding balls.  As you approach them a group of hybrid will attack.  Ignite the balls and head through the doorway on your right.  In this room there is a ledge on the far wall and the room contains several chimeran storage crates.  On the back ledge there are two hybrid, there are also several chimera hiding amongst the crates.  Move slowly into the room and drop a hedgehog into the middle and take them out.  Next move to the left wall and head up the small set of stairs.  At the top throw a second hedgehog as you are now being assaulted by four hybrid.  Move down the ledge and you will come to a second set of stairs leading down.  Stick to the top of the stairs and snipe the hybrid moving about in this section.  After they are dead hop down.  Ignore the stairs leading up, unless you need some health or ammo. Head out of the doorway on the ground level.  Once on the ground take a right. You should see a set of stairs leading up and another group of exploding balls on the right.  Move up the stairs and into the building on your left.  Once you enter a group of leapers will swarm towards you.  Fall back to the bottom of the stairs and wait for the swarm to get close to the explosives.  Detonate them, mop up the remaining leapers with your shotgun and head back into the building.  Another wave of leapers will come at you.  Use your shotgun and fallback method to take care of them.  Once they are dead, head down the stairwell, drop to the ground, and use the elevator.  The lift will take you to a large open factory room.  There is an opening in the left corner wall. Move to this opening and zoom snipe the group of hybrid that you can see in the container storage yard.  Next move around the left side of the large red container ahead of you and repeat the zoom method on another pocket of hybrids. Now move back to the opening and head around to the right of the right container and deal with another group of hybrids.  This group is much larger and a nade or two will come in handy for thining their ranks.  Just past the large group there is a flatbed trailer with two hybrid on it.  Drop a nade in between them and move to the wall of the building on the right hand side.  You will see a wooden ramp leading to the top of a storage crate.  Jump on the flatbed trailer and head up this ramp.  You should now be looking down on two hybrid that are manning turrets.  Bullseye them and drop down.  Move around the to the left. Two more hybrids will rush you.  Bullseye them and head up the set of stairs located against the building now in front of you.  Take a right and balance your way across two wooden planks into the next building.  After entering make your way to a small opening and drop onto the street below.  After landing the level will end.

Intel DocumentsEdit

  • Conversion: After meeting Rachel Parker, it is located inside a bathroom.
  • Captured: On the counter in the dining room where you find the Rossmore Shotgun.
  • York Set Up: On the side of a cart of dead soldiers.

Skill PointsEdit

  • Don't Worry, Insurance Has It Covered (3 points): Destroy 5 or more black boxes.
  • 20th Sentry (3 points): Do not get hit by a laser mine.
  • Personal Space Bubble (4 points): Do not let any Menial grab you.


See Grimsby, England (level)/Transcript



  • The soldier that gets laid down on the table by the Menial at the beginning has the word "Mum" tattooed on both of his arms.
  • After the scene where the two soldiers get infected if you look into their pen there is no bald soldier even though in the cinamatic there is.
  • The fact that James Grayson keeps mentioning Grimsby's conversion center in his diary, it is believed that Grimsby may have been one of the 26 conversion centers destroyed by Grayson.
  • This was the level where the scrapped-grapple gun was going to be obtained, this explains why there are many circular explosive power cores, the grapple gun was removed very late in development as Lead Character Designer Damon Iannuzzi believed it was still in during his playthrough in 2016. [1]
  • Artist Marcus Lull (Speaking to Lighting Artist Eric Gooch): "One of the challenges I faced when creating this level was presenting the player with a fish cannery that slowly becomes more Chimeran as the player progresses. I really wanted the player to feel like they were going not only to a place that no other human had seen, but that they were going deeper and deeper into the heart of this very alien world where terrible and cruel acts were taking place. It was a delicate task of balancing the demolished human structures with the parasitic Chimeran architecture.".
    • On the outside part of Hunted Down, Lull remarks: "Sometimes when you make levels you have to start out with place holders, and in this level we created an outhouse looking building just for that purpose. So as the player goes through what is supposed to be this scary and dark level that has been overrun and mangled with Chimeran architecture, they come out to find this dumpy little outhouse that has been untouched by the Chimerans right in the middle of their path. So the joke became that everything was destroyed except for the outhouses......guess the Chimerans aren't as dumb as they look!"[2]

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